My Take On Black Panther Chadwick Bosemen’s passing listen closely

We do send our condolences to his Wife and family. But this has to be said. Many looked at Chadwick as a King, many worshipped him the ground he walked on and everything, Yet he let people know that this character was not real. I have noticed many cannot separate make believe and reality. Many have put Chadwick in the place of God (hashem) and they should not have, even when he played this character. I understand children need someone to look up to that looks like themselves they need what the world calls role models. but children need to have role model’s that are people who exist like parents , and Everybody’s Role model should be God (Hashem) himself.

Worshiping men is dangerous, let alone the black panther represented a different god and egyptian god called bast . Many have broken the commandments by this worship we are to have no other Gods before the Creator. Many do not understand this spiritual concept . God is a jealous God. He is the one to be worshiped and adored he has the power to give life and take away life. He is the only one who can give Chadwick his life back when the time comes.

I am almost sure he don’t want to be worshiped. neither does he wants idols made out of himself and worshiped by the black community. I am almost sure that he has respect for (God) Hashem and understand that he is the one who can give his life back to him if he so desires. We cannot possibly understand the mind of God (Yah) and why it was Chadwicks time to go, but he is the creator and we must respect everything that happens it is for a reason. but we should not worship man. We must repent and worship God (Yah) Hashem at all times. Only God can resurrect and give life. That should be our hope for Chadwick Boseman and all those we love who we have lost. Most of all we all should keep our focus on God (Yah) Hashem and hope for the coming Messiah, whom the power of resurrection of those who sleep in him will lie in his hands.


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