Slandering Others is Very Dangerous

life and death in the mouth

What we say about someone can mean life or death for us many do not understand this scripture. We must speak the truth because whatever we say about someone is the judgment that is upon us.  You speak life on someone then life will be given to you . If you speak words of death upon someone then your judgment is death.  

talebearers hurtful

In the word today it baffles the mind at the lies and slander that people speak out of their mouth’s willfully.  They are unaware that what they say about another person or person’s that they are speaking judgment upon themselves.  Machiach is coming to rule with a rod of Iron and there will be no exceptions. He is done with evil and he will exterminate it, he will not be playing around with no one.  He is not going to be playing games with foolish men and he will not negotiate.

more about talebearers

Evil men of this age are not afraid of the things that is coming out of their mouths they must become aware that what they are saying about another person whether it is truth or not that will be the judgment that is poured out upon them and there will be no escape . This is why we must fear the one who is able to put the body and soul in Hell. (sheol) Remember to always choose your words wisely because your words will be your judgment.


Many have blood upon their hands because of careless words. And many have saved lives with their words of life.

big mouth advice

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