If There Is No Accountability There is No Righteousness

Judgment occurs when there is hypocrisy, and men walk about breaking all rules given by God (Yah) Hashem without accountability. We are to love our neighbor as ourselves, and if we do not we are law breakers. These laws are not given by man these laws are given by God (Yah) Hashem the one who created all things, the heavens and the earth.

It is uncommon for one to go around and rewrite, what God (Hashem) Yah has ordained as righteousness, just so it will go in our favor. The one’s that are deceived are not the one’s we make ourselves look good for, If we do this we are deceiving ourselves. Our judgment is what we have done to others . As we do to others it will be done to us.

God’s (Hashem’s) Yah’s laws forms our very existence he controls the universe, things seen and not seen. He causes the galaxies, stars and planets to go in a certain way because there are rules that are followed in order for them to function there are laws. If one of those laws are broken they would not rotate the proper way and if the stars did not set in their set positions by the standards and the laws that the creator put them in, it would be chaos they would fall out of their perspective orbits.

Even the simplest laws of treating one another with kindness and respect it is a commandment that our creator gave. To love your neighbor as yourself. If you do this commandment It should be aligned with loving the one who created you with all of your heart mind soul and strength (Shema) When these things fall out of alignment Judgment occurs. When people start lying, stealing, cheating, and murdering one another not only does the earth weep but the natural order of things fall out of alignment.

All of Creation begin to witness things it should not. Just like Cain and Abel innocent blood is poured out, when no justice is given. When there is no righteousness and no correction. All creation mourns, The earth seeks to cleanse herself from the disgusting filth. The stars of heaven fall out of alignment, The heavenly bodies witness things in horror. Bringing the attention to the Creator himself. Who will not let things go unanswered. Unrighteous men do not fear the consequences of unrighteous actions for a short time.

Unrighteous actions bring about judgment upon all men. They fool themselves when they think that these things will go unanswered by the Creator himself, He the one who has power not only to kill the body but also to kill the soul and to destroy it forever. He is a consuming fire that shall purify and burn up unrighteousness He is Holy (Kadosh). Those who pretend to be righteous and you are not Beware you are playing around with a Holy (Kadosh) God and he will destroy not only your body but your soul, You better know who you are playing with!! He is not the one to be playing with!!

People please understand that judgment is not a game our life actions will be reviewed for all to see there will be nothing hidden that will not be uncovered. The judgment we will have will be based upon how we were toward each other. God’s (Hashem’s) Yah’s words are not lies. It is men who lie when they walk away from them and the commandments he told them to keep and do. What is done in the darkness will be brought to the light for all to see . Walk uprightly in all truthfulness .

This is not a game or to make one’s self look good in front of the eyes of men. We must look good in the eyes of God (Hashem) Yah. Men can be tricked into believing that one is good by outside appearance. But no one can trick God (Hashem) Yah. He knows everything and every secret thing. Doing evil to others and then justifying it and saying it was for good is deception. Not only are others deceived by the person who does it but they deceive themselves in thinking they are righteous it is downright blasphemous. If one thinks he can play God (Hashem) Yah for a fool and think these things will go unanswered . Judgment is not coming on evil men it is here.

The End Of The World As We Knew It

The Crown Virus Of The End. Does This Symbolize The Crowning of Messiah?

Judgment has been unleashed on this planet like never before. The tare and wheat separation is in progress. Many are being taken away. And many will be spared and preserved for the barn. Many are sheep and many are goats. Many are choosing this day whom they are going to serve. Many have made the right decisions and many have made the wrong decisions . Many are worshiping the arm of Man and many are worshipping the true living Yah (God). Truth is looked upon as lies and lies are looked upon as truth. This is the day of the strong delusions. What has been inside has been turned outward. What is in the hearts of men and women are now on their outward personage. Those who in fear are not perfected in love. so they lash out on everyone and everything without consideration of truth and justice to preserve themselves. The righteous stands bold as a lion while the wicked hide when no man pursue. There is many dissentions, nations in dismay and rising against one another and wars and rumors of wars. There are tribal wars taking place divisions are at an all time high. Many are sleeping while participating in these things while the hour is obvious to the righteous and watchmen and watchwomen. Pestilence has taken hold of the planet unexplained animal fatalities from one end of the planet to the other. Birds drop out of the sky, and a mass elephant die off in certain parts of Africa. Beasts of the field are attacking in large obvious forms and small forms on the cellular level of the human and animal bodies. Unrest and fear of others runs rampant every where. Yet those who belong to the creator do not have a spirit of fear they have power, love and a sound mind in the midst of chaos and confusion. They are not lifted up in pride. Now is the time to wake out of slumber. Now is the time to repent and pray because it is the time to lift up your heads because your redemption draws nigh. All of these things were prophesied long ago. When you have seen these things take place our hope should be lifted . The warfare is not physical it is spiritual this battle of good and evil is taking place in the heavens and Good is about to stand victorious because evil is presently self destructing. Yes some of the innocents have been taken but the victory lies in the eternal one who have the power over all things over good and evil over life and death . Death will soon lose all power Our victory lies in the creator of our souls and our spirits. Our redemption draws near, keep your eyes on the one who created this universe. He will declare it is over and when he does all will know the whole truth. The Revelation will have taken place all things will be revealed and lies will be destroyed. Be encouraged I say lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh.


My Take On Black Panther Chadwick Bosemen’s passing listen closely

We do send our condolences to his Wife and family. But this has to be said. Many looked at Chadwick as a King, many worshipped him the ground he walked on and everything, Yet he let people know that this character was not real. I have noticed many cannot separate make believe and reality. Many have put Chadwick in the place of God (hashem) and they should not have, even when he played this character. I understand children need someone to look up to that looks like themselves they need what the world calls role models. but children need to have role model’s that are people who exist like parents , and Everybody’s Role model should be God (Hashem) himself.

Worshiping men is dangerous, let alone the black panther represented a different god and egyptian god called bast . Many have broken the commandments by this worship we are to have no other Gods before the Creator. Many do not understand this spiritual concept . God is a jealous God. He is the one to be worshiped and adored he has the power to give life and take away life. He is the only one who can give Chadwick his life back when the time comes.

I am almost sure he don’t want to be worshiped. neither does he wants idols made out of himself and worshiped by the black community. I am almost sure that he has respect for (God) Hashem and understand that he is the one who can give his life back to him if he so desires. We cannot possibly understand the mind of God (Yah) and why it was Chadwicks time to go, but he is the creator and we must respect everything that happens it is for a reason. but we should not worship man. We must repent and worship God (Yah) Hashem at all times. Only God can resurrect and give life. That should be our hope for Chadwick Boseman and all those we love who we have lost. Most of all we all should keep our focus on God (Yah) Hashem and hope for the coming Messiah, whom the power of resurrection of those who sleep in him will lie in his hands.