This Is Not The Same World

where the earth was

I would like to start off this blog by saying My creators proposal of Love I formally accept, as many of you should have done, but did not he is merciful, faithful and true. 

judgment is

The warnings as you may well know have ceased. The judgment is happening.  The war in the heavens is going on now. The armies of Hashem (Yah) (God) are assembled and are in full force. Do not excuse yourself if you are apart of the divisions not matter what you believe in or whatever status you hold, that does not matter. Each person that is a party to divisions and dissentions  will be held accountable.  I never said to unify in sins that I told you were abominable to me thus saith the Lord of Hosts.  It does not matter what race or status in the world you Hold you cause dissentions you will be held accountable.

i will bring a sword

You will be held accountable and give account for what you have done. The Creator is not playing with angel or demon,  This world is smaller than the one he originally created and those responsible for changing the times and seasons of it, you are put on notice. Your judgment is recorded and will be meted out .This is not a threat but a promise. No permission was given to do this,  It is rebellion against The Most High. Your plans to destroy the atmosphere are known. Now the Lord of Hosts is a Mighty Warrior against You.

the Lord of Hosts

You have opened interdimensional  portals you should not have messed with you have sealed your fate many of those responsible for this have no idea what you have done.  You are destroyers, The interdimensional beings  that have altered this world to change their own judgments have sealed their fate. Like those who are sealed by the Holy one. The intention to destroy the world created will succeed but the original world will be preserved until the creator has chosen to create a new one. He is the creator alone.

besides me there is no god

 The plagues will not cease until everything is accomplished in the event repentance do not take place. The tares will be like dross and burn off accordingly. If they serve destruction it is their fate. The creators judgment is just. What is sown will be reaped, Those who fail to do what his Holy Word tells them to do and are following righteousness by the rules that they pick and choose will fall into deception.


There is one Word There is One Yah (Hashem) The first commandment clearly states that.  There are those who are making a sport of war and taking pleasure in hurting others, Judgment is upon you and vengence is mine I will repay The Lord of Hosts has said this, because of innocent blood has been shed.

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