Beware of Deceivers Beware of False Machiach’s (Messiah’s)


At this point in time as we all see judgment is being handed out beware of deception especially those presenting themselves to be something, when they are not. This is the first red flag.  You will often know them by the fruit they bear. When Machiach comes there will be no question in anyone’s mind who he is, you won’t have to ask anyone else is it him?  Everyone will know automatically because Hasheem (God) (Yah) will let them know and every eye will see and know it is him.  No one will force you to believe in him. If they do that is a sign that he is false or they know the truth and embrace lies and will be judged accordingly.

lies don't stand

Even those who want to argue, ‘No this can’t be’ Will even know it is the truth, it is him. He will not be hidden from sight. He will have no reason to hide in the mountains or the dessert or to hide his identity, because it will be in the open for all to see and no one will be able to deny it, because it will be truth.  He will not fight or fret  with those who do not accept him because judgment will be meted out immediately on them.  No one will have to guess. Many will automatically try and tell someone who already know it is him. There will be no question, there will be no doubt. It will be hard to disprove it is not him.   The dead will be resurrected and graves will be open his power will be undeniable. 

raising dead

A deceiver does not have the power to give life, a false Machiach (Messiah) will indeed take life of the young and old and not offer life. No political figure, President, earthly King,  prince, or Prime Minister who already rules is the Machiach (Messiah) (Yah) because many have the blood of the innocents on their hands. The way of the enemy of our souls is destruction it is not life.  Yet those who have the intent in their hearts of destruction and hate by these actions that is their own judgment upon themselves, as they have done and judged others it will be upon themselves.

temple image

If you sow good things,  When it sprouts up that thing  will be good and give life.  If you sow evil things, When that evil thing grow that is what will manifest itself it will sprout up death. Be not deceived by false Machiach’s (Messiah’s)  who have no power to offer you life from the Most High Hasheem (God).  They tend to constantly put Hasheem (Yah) (God) in a box they tend to say they are the one in control not him.

stop trying to put god in a box

Dragons are full of lies they seek to devour those who belong to him be aware do not be deceived the praise of men or the popular opinion is not always the truth nor the right direction.  Beware of those who shower praise upon themselves. When a person say they are something or present themselves as something just for the praise of Men or Women they are nothing. 

no box can contain God

Hasheem (Yah) (God) is the one who chooses who is who, no one can choose anything it is him that is in control of everything. Assumption get many into big trouble. Judgment is here, Will you stand before the Most High. The enemy uses the fleshy five senses to deceive many repent, watch and pray. Do not debate and do not get involved with the conflicts of this world it is passing away. The separation of tares and wheat  is accomplished. Prophecy is fulfilling itself. The Torah (Bible) does not lie.

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