Exposing Mystery Babylon In The Spiritual Realm

evil woman on beast

Mystery Babylon is a place where satyrs pretend to be good angels they learn about you with the intent of destroying you unmercifully . They seek out those who are sealed with the promise of the creator. Whom he tells to abandon mystery Babylon the distractions are real she presents shiny objects in the face of those she distract making  her spiritual merchandise look attractive to her victims while she lures them into her black widow web she is destroying them as they grab hold to her merchandise the thing that they believe they want while at the same time she destroys their eternal souls she is a vampire that is drunk with the blood of her victims. a relentless enraged harlot who seeks to challenge her creator every minute and every second she gets to accuse falsely of him all those she tangles in her web of lies about him.


Mystery Babylon who streets the satyrs dance and the owls and moths are constantly there. In her deceptive kitchen she mixes Science, Politics, and lust of the eyes and flesh with the words of God (Yah) calling it unified when in reality it is like mixing oil and water together they do not go together but Mystery Babylon insists they do and those who eat at her table are drunk under her spell and believe in her lying truths because of the pleasure that they think they have in their flesh.

judgment of evil

During the whole time of their fleshly feast they are eating and drinking poison that destroys them from within then at judgment when the light of the truth shines on them rotting flesh and spirit is exposed because of the mixture of light and darkness, While saying they love God in the open but purposefully seek to destroy and murder his servants secretly . They would even tell you to love your neighbor as yourself only as a weapon to  get close enough to find your faults like vultures then turn around and destroy you. That is the mentality of Mystery Babylon.

trafficing evil crime

You can watch as she sells her merchandise to the multitudes she will even offer you some of her goods beware if you buy, You will owe more and want more. The goods are there to prostitute you.

words of trafficing

You will become her slave Mystery Babylon is a pimp once she grabs you in her clutches she will pimp you out like a prostitute, the minute you protest she will destroy you from within then outward.

hookers illegal trafficking

Mystery Babylon has no mercy that is why her destruction is at hand she is being judged she is drunk with the blood of the saints . She is the one who calls out to her lovers In the streets she is the adulteress of the world who mixes the Word of the Torah with the things of this world and calls it the true word .

disaster politics and bible

She has many different lovers, Science, politics, bigamy, lust, murder, lying, in order to destroy these things are mixed in to the Word of God (Yah) to justify her actions she is a judge and jury to those who do not dance to her satyr song.

kingdoms and babylon

Mystery Babylon and your false satyr angels who are fallen your judgment is here it is declared upon you thousands of years ago it is here. No one shall enter in or go out. Come out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins Mystery Babylon has fallen and she is Judged.

mystery babylon judged

She hopes for others destruction not knowing it is her own that is the fate of Mystery Babylon  What is sowed is reaped.

Yah (God) has Shown Me My Enemy In the form of a Dog (Wolf)

wolfs nightmare

I give glory to the Yah (God) of Abraham Isaac and Jacob my forefathers  he always reveals to his own to protect his own

He has shown me in a vision what my enemy (or enemies) are spiritually and it appears they are nothing more than wolves (Dogs) of course and if he has shown me these folks in this form he has already separated them and they are under judgment as I speak.

wolf bath

Anyway in this vision I tried to help this dog it had a flea on it’s back and I scratched the dogs back to try to help it to stop itching .

It did not help the dog kept itching then I told the person to put the dog in a bucket of water  the person did it.  It did not do any good. The dog stayed filthy as ever. Even though I tried to help the dog it did no good.  

They stayed a wet dirty dog with no help for them.

church wolf

Dogs are a representation of wolves and this was a part shepherd dog so Abba was speaking to me in volumes. This was a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to help this wolf get clean by the water which is a representation of the Ruach (Holy Spirit) did no good they were still a dog and still dirty and dusty as can be.

dog wash 

They did not change even with the water that was given to try to help clean them. I know the reason for this it is because The Most High has already judged them because the dirt just did not come off even though I tried and tried to help that dirt come off me and another person that shepherd mix of a dog was dirty dirty. This lets me know that my enemies have been judged.

Reminds me of a parable don’t throw your pearls among the swine and don’t give the children’s meat to the dogs. The swine trample the pearls you give them under their feet and the children go hungry when you feed their meat to the dogs. 

My hubby is awesome Thank you Most High wonderful Yah (God) for always being faithful to me and always having my back. 

Lift up your head Judah for your redemption draws nigh

Sons of Hell causing confusion and raising Hell you are not welcome on this blog site.

We just had a rude so called wanna be Christian Citizen person come on this blog and tell untruths we are calling them out and those who want to come to this blog and attack for no God given reason because of the research we found and shared for all to see .   The devil likes darkness and hidden things and that is who some of the people like this support when they come on blogs like ours and attack people who they know nothing about.

wolfs nightmare

I am calling out every person who just comes on this site to cause a problem if you do not like the content do not come to the site and if you  come on here to call someone names and call yourself a so called Christian you are a liar and the truth is not in you most of the content on this blog is carefully research from Israel and the research done in the United States .  When a person comes on this blog to harass and otherwise lie on the post and call racist names to the blogger know this your name and IP address and your identity is identified the second you make the comment so keyboard warriors beware, because we know exactly who you are and where you live.  We are not Black Hebrew Israelite I want to make that clear only racist people use that term to further demonize people who are brown skinned living in the United states of America who bear the by word of being called African Americans when they were brought over as Hebrews by blood. 

Do not come on this blog with claiming to serve God and attack us for giving you truth and facts if you do not like the blog site do not come here because we can identify you. We have your IP address and know where you live it is better for you not to comment and go your way.  

eariliest pictures of christ

we can see through fake. and many are claiming to have a form of godliness but deny the power there of.  trying to tear down a person while they call them selves being some mighty warrior of God full of pride and ego not knowing what they do to others is pure evil  these type of low lifes will kill you thinking they do God a service then think he is on their side after they commit evil upon his people. yea i am talking about the Arab and transatlantic slave trade black wall street the syphllis that were given to black men as an experiment the abortion mills meant for black people and the devils punch bowl . Meanwhile you say you did no wrong.

from babylon to timbuktu documentation

girl on exhiblit

ha something they tried to hide heboos

These are the very one’s he will judge.They will bust hell wide open head first. What is put on this blog site I can say to your face without blinking, There are lots of people who will type on a computer but are cowards to the face so don’t comment to us if you disagree with the content disagree and move on do not come on my blog leaving garbage comments keep it to yourself and move on do not believe for one minute i do not know who you are because i know exactly who you are when you comment.

kingdom of j

MANY are mixing science with the bible what a dumb thing to do if they knew their bible Timothy was told to avoid the dumb thing called science this person is bible illiterate science has absolutely nothing to do with the bible einstein.   The bible validates science  Science has never validated the bible..    People are dumb these days when it comes to the true word of God babylon mixes science with religion and think it is holy what a bunch of airheads. it is almost laughable how some think they are Holy when they are nothing because the devil already got them they hurt folks and think God is with them when he is the farthest thing from them .   This is why judgment is here. Pride goes before a fall. So many mixing science with the bible  they are nothing more than a bunch of witches and warlocks and Yah (God) is going to fully deal with these wackos.  No witch or warlock is going to enter into his blessing nor his promises .   furthermore you little satans stay off my blog your judgment is here. I am pretty sure you are about to go worship your little pagan easter bunny and for christmas your demonic tree. self righteous bigot. Revelation 20:10 to  you and i pierce your dark souls with the sword of the spirit get back or face spiritual attack you got the right one. You evil pests  spiritual RAID  will take care of you. cockroaches.

  So beware of who you put your mouth on because you have no idea of the spiritual danger you are in when you choose to do so.  And yea when you comment i got your true name Ip address and know who you are . SCIENCE HA HA HA  daughter of babylon you just wait ! Revelation 20:10 is going to be so sweet. I with Abba laugh you to derision! You just can’t stand these facts.

Shalom everyone who follow faithfully . Keep looking up because faithful ones your redemption is drawing nigh. stay in prayer these demons around us who hate truth are evil but let them live in their fairy tale land till Messiah comes.  They are unrepentant.   Stay prayed up. The devil is absolutely done. he talked too much now he will reap his reward.

And Christian Citizen I ain’t no black Hebrew Israelite but you are a demonic racist  Slander is of the devil and that is what came out of your rotten mouth. You caused an offense and if you think God is pleased with you     You are so wrong.  slander is of the devil. and that is what you did to this site dismiss yourself from this site. you think you are Philadelphia the church of brotherly love no  you are not.   You think you do God a service but you slander his people go get some help and truly repent you need it.