Keep Your Garments Pure

wolfs nightmare
For some unknown reason posting has been a challenge for me on this blog site because the enemy quite naturally is after the woman in the wilderness although he covets her worship it will never be given to him only his judgment in the everlasting lake of fire. The enemy is in pursuit of souls he can never have that belong to the eternal living Yah (God) We who are sealed knows that his tactics are pathetic and he can do nothing to pluck those who belong to the Living God out of the Living God’s hand. To be sealed to God means everything.

sealed and done
It means the enemy has lost you forever, but at the same time we must practice and persevere in righteousness honoring the Living God until our bodies are fully redeemed as far as I know it is over for the enemy of our souls this is a battle he has lost that is why judgment is falling and the times of the gentiles is absolutely unequivocally OVER it is a done deal .  Once God *Yah seals a person it is over it is done no one can change it not even the devil himself . Is he going to go to the throne of God (Yah) and take what belongs to him out of his hands?  I don’t think so I’d  like to see him try.

world judgment

Now what has been sowed is being reaped the Eternal Father is just in all of his judgments the sealed wheat cannot and will not be plucked out of his hands no matter what lie the enemy tells himself his will is not stronger than Yah’s it is a done deal end of story . Stay strong beloved our redemption draws nigh Hold fast to what Yah has promised you he tells the truth because the devil is a liar. It is so Over. The Reaper is come for the rebellious.