Identifying The Mark Of The Beast

ugly devil

The identifying traits of the Mark of the Beast is the actions of those Marked by the Beast they act like the beast of the field . They hold with pride with being called a dog, They are lawless They have no empathy no feelings for their fellow human beings . They rip everyone or anything apart in their path like greedy beast . They have no law they are lawless they law for themselves and you dare not get in their way because they will try to rip you apart like a ravenous beast. They victimize innocent Men, Women, and Children because they are heartless. Why? Because they have been marked by the beast and have the Mark of the beast. They have no Conscious a beast to survive will eat his or her own children just so they can get ahead. They do not love or care about their neighbor . These people will rip you apart and after they finish they will seek to do it again without mercy


They are totally out to destroy you like the accuser of the brethren because they are apart of his seed. They cannot be redeemed because they did the unforgivable they took his mark and it shows for all to see. The Mark of the Beast is just not a physical mark it is a Spiritual Mark we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. This is why they have a spiritual Mark . Things manifest in the Spiritual before it goes to the Physical level. These people have already sold their souls to the devil. They have no heart and it shows they are what the bible (Torah) call the lawless one and the beast of the field they do not care and will not show any type of compassion if it does not promote them or fit their own self imaged. These people have already judged themselves they are the damned. Who purposely with their eyes wide open took the Mark of the beast. On their right hand (Their will) Or their forehead (Their Minds) They promote and always entertain evil. 

Out of Obedience I tell you again Do Not Take the Mark Of The Beast


Do Not Take The Mark Of The Beast


And I thought I knew everything Until things happened unexplained this is what I am sure of . Nothing can change who is sealed and who the woman in the wilderness is no one or nothing can change it.The 1/3rd has been cut off there is no going back the sealed have been sealed years ago This is not color of skin or if you are Jacob or Gentile Some thing has happened and it is not of God but he has control of all things. The warning is to all of those who will listen DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST .YOU WILL KNOW IT WHEN YOU SEE IT. HIS SEALED ARE SOON LEAVING BUT LEAVE THIS WARNING DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST NO MATTER WHAT. SOMETHING DID HAPPEN MOST OF YOU KNOW IT AS MANDELA EFFECT THIS WAS FOR A REASON GOD IS IN CONTROL REMEMBER DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST .   the fallen ones are deceiving many blinding them with hate  take heed  to this warning .  The biggest deception of all is about to take place . Do not take the Mark of the beast  Love to all 

these are videos i selected that might shed light on some of the confusion that is happening . I do know that the Messiah is on his way to collect his own those who are not taken by him do not take the mark of the beast certain things have already happened this is a reset I was sent to warn you Do not take the Mark of the Beast TRUST GOD ALONE AND WHAT HE TELLS YOU