By Your Own Words You Will Be Judged


your own words

Many who say that they are on the side of Yah (God) forget this very scripture Your words will condemn you or save you. This is the way that Yah (God) will judge you me and the nations. Many are using all kinds of slander, cursing, and vile language toward one another without even thinking of the future consequences of their own judgment, Many have taken the turn of being prideful, and revengeful when The Most High has already told them vengeance is his, Many have already claimed positions in Yah’s (God’s) Kingdom, and told people who they are and they do not realize this is a marking of pride and just because they say they are they are not they have spoken amiss in pride and they condemn others.

poor blind and naked

If we teach and speak lies, then we shall reap lies. If we speak in pride to bash others we will reap these things on ourselves. This is why we all must ask Yah (God) for wisdom before we speak on things and be very careful with our choice of words. This is a warning to everyone to watch what you say, We have not reached perfection yet therefore error can come in our language if we are not careful. No one of Judah has not been delivered from captivity yet because Messiah has not set in judgment according to Joel chapter 3 on the nations.

if u lack wisdom

When he comes and deliver Judah then Judah will have truths to teach the nations. This is why I am warning scattered Judah not to be lifted up in pride, because it is a trick to get you off of the narrow path Yah (God) has set for you. And I warn you do not condemn others wait patiently on Yah (God) If we trust him it will be seen as a witness to the nations who are against you, Then Messiah will have his justification for condemning the confederate countries that have been against you.

the fear of the Lord

Without faith it is impossible to please him. Set yourself apart from those who are striving and rivaling with the masses in the streets they are heaping wrath upon themselves with divisive words and deeds that they think no one see’s This is a warning Judah do not be judged as one who is a rebel. If you are found to teach lies to the masses you will reap the reward of those lies.  It is called sowing and reaping. By lies nothing is gained there is only loss those who have gained wealth by lies and deceit  will inherit the wind.

i will purge

The decision of how to be is yours now. You were warned.

life and death in the tongue

watch your mouth

set a watch over my mouth

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