Things That People Think They Hide From Yah (God) The Scam Masters

they think they are hiding from God

Many have come to justify their evil works under the guise of it being for a good cause, and this is a lie.  You cannot get anything good out of doing evil to others this is against the commandments that we are supposed to keep. I do not care if you steal from a Hebrew or a Gentile and justify it because you believe that they are worse than you are this is wrong and it is also rebellion against his word

How is it that many are condemning others for their bad deeds even the deeds of their ancestors and not looking at their own deeds because the eyes of men cannot see them. There is one who see’s everything you do, you cannot hide from him he does not condone justification for lying, cheating and stealing .   Yah (God) is not mocked as a man sows so shall he reap.

You sow evil seeds Hebrew or not and you will reap the harvest of it. Judgment is coming as you do that is your judgment. This is why the Torah says to live in peace with all men. and love your neighbor as yourself even when your neighbor is not deserving of that love. 

We do not live in righteousness to be seen of men we live in righteousness to please the one who created us. It is not about what others think, but at the same time we should treat people like we would like to be treated. If someone does evil to you leave it up to Yah (God) to judge them. By their evil and deceptive deeds little do they know that they are already judged by them. I tell you the truth judgment is happening, many do not understand the hardships that is coming upon them so they justify their evil by their hardships.

This is the wrong way to go with great evil comes about curses and with goodness and trusting and doing the commandments of Yah (God) as best as  you can brings about great blessings.  Many who are railing against others do not know that this is a form of rebellion against what is taught in the Torah. They will be judged as Hebrews as those who are rebels who will not enter the land.

No man or woman or amount of stolen goods or money or services is worth not being able to go into the promised land. Many in the day we live in are weeding themselves out they do not know in their wrong that the reaper is standing with the sickle ready to cut them down and throw them into the fire because they are stubble justifying what they know is wrong.

The judgments are now and they are here and Hebrews the rebels will not enter the land. skin color and nationality does not matter what Yah (God) see is the heart you cannot do evil and justify it and say your heart is good when it is evil to the core. Your actions and works towards others have already judged you . 

sowing and reaping

White washed tombs look great on the outside for all to see but yet they are full of dead men’s bones they are apart of the 2/3rds who defraud their brothers and sisters and justify it by their evil works.  You are already judged and you know what you have done and you know who you are. Judgment When you condemn others this condemn you.

You have defrauded Yah’s servants you are a rebel and judgment is his against you. I do not speak of those who self proclaim themselves on street corners I speak of his real servants.  who you have defrauded, Judgment is yours who practice evil not knowing who you have touched . To your own sorrow, it will be to  your great eternal regret the worms will eat you inside out and never be full. it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living Yah (God). 

it is appointed for men to die once

You self righteous tares, thorns and thistles wolves in sheep’s clothing who cause dissention and strivings among the nations and kingdoms of men. The reaper is coming to cut you down and throw you in eternal fire and there is no way out when he does. You have eyes you cannot see and you have ears that would not hear. May Yah (God) have mercy on your souls. If there is any of it left.

Judgments are passing and have come.

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