Judgment Is Coming because of the Migrants. (Yah Speaks For Them)


I was shown Judgment is coming because of the migrants. Many of these people who are fleeing their countries are victims not aggressors.

The demonic activity that I seen was that many governments that are stronger are going into these countries to cause many divisions and trouble between the native people. This is causing demonic contentions and wars because the leaders of these countries let these people in.

Many of these migrants are the civilian population who are fleeing violence and instigated wars in their countries and when they reach the places where they think they are safe to gain entry in these countries that caused these contentions of their people.   They are treated evil again and turned away. Or they gain entry and are treated twice as worse.

Judgment is coming because of this . The people would not have sought out other countries to go to into, if these divisions were not caused by the governments who support them . I seen judgment on a metropolitan area because of this.

It seemed that an unexpectant country attacked one of the offending countries who caused these things with a lazer weapon of some kind and I seen a high rise building collapse and I seen a lady trying to flee she panicked not knowing which way to go and  the sidewalk collapsed around her . I tried to remember another part of that place was destroyed I do not remember specifically where . But I knew that this was because judgment was being carried out on one of these western countries that caused the immigrant crises in the first place.

When these things are happening they may not think that Yah (God) see’s it but he knows who is doing what at all times I was shown that these nations will not get away with what they are doing and what they have done.  I don’t know why I was shown this but I believe it is Yah’s (God’s ) way of standing up for people who cannot stand up for themselves .

Judgment is coming people can run but they cannot hide. The worse of all of this is the people who claim to love Yah (God) and support this wrong they will be judged like the offenders who do it, because they support it. They will stand in judgment and Yah (God) will tell them I never knew you, depart from me. These are the worst words in the world to hear from the person who created you. They are the people who worship and support the beast as spoken about in the book of Revelation.

holy fire book

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