There is no affiliation With Hebrew Israelite Camps on this site for the record there never was

tares and wheat

Everything that you see presented on the fig tree the Hebrew Judean site was never inspired by Hebrew Israelite camps .  My inspiration came from the Most High Yah (God) This site is not affiliated with anyone but Yah (God).  My awakening came from various dreams and visions sent to me by Yah (God) I give him credit .  The credit of my awakening comes from no man. I do not follow Man I follow Yah (God) he tells me what to put up and what not to.  People like or dislike this site the choice is their own that is between them and Yah (God).

I do not embrace promote hate to different nations and people of various colors of skin I leave all judgment up to Yah. People are promoting their sin and blaming others for it , by their own works they do not realize that they are either condemning themselves or justifying themselves by their own actions as they judge others this is the manner in which they will be judged.  I do not like hate groups on the heathen or Hebrew side no man is suppose to bow down and worship another man, those who do such things are glorying in self like satan (Hasatan) did he loves people to worship him rather than Yah (God) that is why he fell. and those who get man to bow down to themselves are no different and will be judged for not pointing people to bow down to the living Yah (God)

self worship

My grandfather died in 2008 at 104 he was a slave if anybody should be angry it would be me but Yah (God) has not given me a spirit of rage and anger because I know he is the judge and judgment is coming to many I know he is in control. Judgment is in his hands and I know that he is a righteous judge, and I will not hate anyone I leave judgment up to him because I know it is coming to everyone, I do not give the devil place because I understand what has happened is spiritual not physical.

from babylon to timbuktu documentation

Man is unwise because we often tend to judge things from the outside appearance rather than hating the source of our pain which is Satan the fallen arch angel who caused our downfall to begin with instead people blame and fight one another without fighting the one who caused this chaos for all men. many are venting anger at what was done to our people me I personally leave judgment up to Yah (God) He created all things and he knows better than me. There are things that happened before any of us was born that he knows and I leave it in his hands I trust him.

tares burned in the fire

The tares are weeding themselves out by destroying, slandering, raping , and wishing murder on others (with their mouths) and mutilating others they fail to see that what they are doing is their judgment they will not enter the land. My advise to anyone is to follow Yah and his words not man the sooner our people as a whole realize this the better off they will be judgment is in his hands not ours.

right weight right judgment

Just because you have Hebrew blood does not mean you can’t be wicked and be judged for it take heed and walk carefully Esau has Hebrew blood too and he was judged as being wicked.  Do not forget as you sow you will reap. What you choose to do to others will be done to you this is just judgment of a righteous Yah (God), Make your choices wisely. Many will false accuse and say you are affiliated with wrongdoers because you say you are a awakened Hebrew but this awakening is not of man it is of Yah (God) he is gathering together the lost tribe of Judah from the four corners of the earth just as it was prophesied.

nothing hidden that is not revealed

I did not gain this knowledge from man it came from Yah (God) through confirmed visions and dreams, in which afterward family confirmed it. I do not need to make up false stories.  what have I got to gain by it ? and what do I have to lose by it? I do not answer to man I answer to Yah (God) so how is lying going to benefit me? Truth is from Yah (God) Lies are of the devil. I remember the visions and dreams of who Judah was and is and who I am. I do not bring glory to self but to Yah (God) !!!  I thank Yah (God) because I know who I am through him. No devil in hell or a ranting raving man can take that away. Yah (God) is truth and he will judge. Man and devil cannot entrap and ensnare me I have Yah (God) on my side, never will he leave me and never will he forsake me I am his he is mine. The devil will not and cannot take that away.

sowing and reaping


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