Judah, When You hate on Your own Women and Men


Judah when you hate upon your own women or men . It shows just how much you hate yourself. And the other nations watching you will not help you to love yourself . If you hate on those of your same persons you are no better than those who spew hate toward you. Other nations are not obligated to love you or give you anything . You have to find away to love your self and your people no matter who you are and where you are from. Those that choose to hate themselves show their own ignorance\.  Just because someone did marry another nation that does not mean that they do not love their own people as some of you would like to believe because of the prejudices in your own hearts against what was done to us as a people .

the most high

When you look at all truth and you say you believe what you have found Israel was thrown into captivity and given slave hood because of our disobedience we cannot blame no other nation but ourselves for disobeying the Most High and hating on one another is a prime example of that our men hating our women and our women hating our men.  That is why Israel was adulterous and ran away to other nations and her Yah (God) because she despised herself.  Then after the fact of running to other nations both sides give each other excuses to hate one another even more because they feel it is justification for this hate .  In turn you make strangers laugh at you and scorn you and the curse of Deuteronomy stands the byword you are can’t you see that you bring it upon yourself . I find it sad that people can go on public media and bash their own women and men .  Yah (God) will not agree with you if you hate yourself how can you possibly love Yah (God).  Stop it Jacob and wake up and honor who Yah (God) made you to be.

times of the gentile nations

Many Gentiles can and will be grafted in and those grafted in sometimes are treated horrible because of fleshy anger and pride of some this is wrong how can Jacob rule the nations when he copy the nations with his hate of them?  That is not our way and it is not what Yahushua (Jesus) told us to do. All Nations will come to pray to the Most High Yah (God) His house will be known as a house of prayer to all nations .

house of prayer for all nations

He extended his blessings to the gentiles when we failed him. If you love the truth you will understand what I am saying . If you hate the truth you will find excuses to continue In your folly and argue against Yah (God) and show him that you are not listening . This is a weeding out some will make it some won’t .


  We cannot end the nightmare of captivity but we must put our trust in Yah (God) and trust him to do it. Rioting in the streets to force someone’s hand is not the way we must trust Yah (God) to bring us out not flesh and blood. Until Jacob learn to rely fully on Yah (God) our condition says the same.  He should be the one guiding you not your fleshy negative feelings toward others and resentment of others, and not man. If you are being guided by anything other than the Ruach Ko desh (Holy Spirit) it is flesh and it is not of him.

The good farmer is coming and so are the bad reapers to separate the chaff from the wheat. The chaff will burn in the unquenchable fire and the wheat will be gathered safely in the barns. This is what Yahushua (Jesus) spoke about and his words are true.

iwill pour



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