Stay In Your Own Lane

narrow gate

I see so many so called Hebrew Israelites trying to tell everybody how to live their lives and their lives is a mess. Passing judgment on everybody else and not fixing the skeleton’s in their own closet and trying to make it right with the creator . Just because some have been awakened to who they are does not mean that he has qualified you to teach, or lead people . Many are leading people astray with the words that they are speaking that is coming from their flesh and has nothing to do with the Spirit of Yah (God).

angry person

Many are not being careful of what they say there is a lack of the fear of Yah (God) in them and little do they know they are bringing judgment upon themselves and will be counted as a rebel, because their harsh judgment of others  (of whom they have not walked in their shoes ) will fall upon themselves. They are not guarding the wickedness that is coming out of their own hearts. They are teaching out of fleshy anger rather than listening to the Spirit this is why many are called and few are chosen and some will not enter into the Kingdom to come and suffer the humiliation of a Gentile getting into before they themselves.

wolf in sheeps clothing

Yah (God) is no joke and no one to take lightly he means what he says. Some are hard hearted and pouncing on others like a hungry beast ripping and tearing apart and hating their own brothers and sisters and they think Yah (God) is telling them to do this when he is not . Many have just awoken to the truth and by this alone they think he has given them a license to teach and he has not he has simply told them who they are.

when judgment comes for you

He has not called you to prophesy or teach his word because that is not the lane he put you in. Yet many stiff necked people are stubbornly doing what he told them not to do,, and they believe he is for it when he is not.


They falsely claim that they are speaking on Yah’s (God’s) behalf and the fruit of their words are causing all kinds of distress, strife, and resentment and hate for others.

They are feeding the people rotten fruit from their own judgments and anger toward society and what was done to the ancestors and them but yet no one is speaking about the sin of our ancestors that caused these things. Self righteous people will be judged as rebels. Judah should fear and walk carefully.

higher than your ways

When I say fear I mean fear Yah (God). What you say to others and what you do to others will be counted positively or negatively for or against you.  All of our works are like filthy rags who are you or I to pass judgment on another we should all take this into consideration.  The stubborn, self righteous and the prideful will curse this advice and continue on to serve the evil one. This is a warning .

abstrain from evil

Israel as a nation did worse than the Gentiles so who are you or I to pass judgment on any race or nationality of people . It is up to Yah (God) to do so and I will not do what is his to do . If you sow evil to others that is what you are going to reap, If you sow good to others that is what you will reap.

dead stand before god

Your very actions and deeds are being recorded as a witness for or against you.  If you go about bashing people and thinking that it is Holy to do so, You can and possibly will be counted as a rebel. Yahushua (Jesus) did not tell you to do that. You go against him and you go against Yah (God) Do not put his name in your evil if you choose to go on and do this  or he will judge you and you are not going to like it.

Some of your hearts have the mark of the beast on it, cause  some are viciously ripping people apart like beasts with their hateful words, verbally abusing everyone who they come in contact with ,that is not like them. turn from these wicked ways or suffer the consequences from a Just and righteous Yah (God) .

discrimination of others

Our people suffer because of hate toward skin color are you any better when you do this to others you are not justified in Yah’s eyes he will judge prejudice done by any race of people or any nation of people your skin tone won’t help you. Neither the fact that you were woke up or that you are Judah . Many are called but few are chosen. Stop trying to judge relationships of others like a gossip and fix your own. This post are for those who are hating on others, and into other folks business telling them how to be and who they can be friends with or date or marry and who not to. Judah this stuff is none of our business stay out of matters that is not of any concern of you Yah (God) will judge not you if you try to judge your brothers or sisters he will judge you in like manner. He will not justify hatefulness so cut it out!!



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