The Stage Play Goes On for those creating their own little world (The Drama Continues)


This is a interesting picture for an interesting post that I am about to present to you this lizard is a representation of people in general who go to every continent on the earth and upsurp the original dwellers and claim to be them. They move to a continent and claim to be the original inhabitants and are not they claim to be everything except for themselves . I introduce to you the beast the lizard what some are doing making themselves God (Yah) in other words man making himself everything and every person when he is not . That is the beast for those who don’t get it .

woe to the inhabitors of the earth

It is nothing more than man making himself God (Yah) and thinking that he or she has the authority to Lord over other men and be their God (Yah) this is the image of the beast in modern times, it is 666 if you can go to other lands and conquer the people and scatter yourself over the earth when you full well know you are not the original inhabitant of these lands and then take over their history and claim to be them. You are nothing more than that lizard on the screen a 666 beast and you are making yourself God (Yah) Lording over other men and you are trying to upsurp the place that God (Yah) has and that means you are nothing but a satan. Period.

generational curses

Judgment is coming to you . And so what it was the sin of your ancestors believe it or not if you are benefiting at the expense of others because of this sin you are still practicing that sin you are just as guilty because you did not correct the sins of your fathers you are living in it and enforcing it Yah (God) is not going to give you a pass. Just as much as the gentiles do it some of you Hebrews are not exempt you are imitating the imitator, fake hair fake nails fake personality fake everything this might be the mark of the beast on the heart, but it is also physical and spiritual.

those who are the beast

Being fake is nothing more than lies. The center of attention when you gotta have your nose in everything and do not think anything or anyone can survive without you. cause you think you are god, and you are not there is only one God (Yah) and it ain’t you. This is why judgment comes. because no one is repenting they are playing their own theatrical roles of fake. until Messiah comes and set the record straight. The stage play goes on. Until judgment comes and people of this beast nature will be in for a rude awakening.  You can fool men but you cannot fool Yah (God).

Isaiah 13:14

“And it shall be as the chased roe, and as a sheep that no man taketh up: they shall every man turn to his own people, and flee every one into his own land.”

that strong delusion

revelation verse

Repent and set it right or perish the reapers good or bad are coming in the harvest to bring forth judgment and there is nothing no one can do to stop it . Yah (God) has forewarned and spoken about it in his Word.

pending judgment



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