How To Identify If You Are Under The Strong Delusion

that strong delusion

The signs that you are under a strong delusion is as follows

  1. If you put your pride in self above all truth at all cost even though you know it is a lie you want to be right all the time so you ignore truth in order to be right all the time.
  2. If you believe that you are better than others, by race, knowledge and your over all success or looks.  In other words you feel that you have arrived.
  3. If you have evidence before your eyes about the truth and you deny it.
  4. If you love to see others fail while you succeed without lending others a hand.
  5. If you are selfish
  6. If you fail to put yourself in others shoes and show a constant lack of empathy and understanding and mercy towards others.
  7. If you love violence toward others and murder, and if you are entertained by it.
  8. If you love sports more than your love for Yah (God) if you put your sports events over worship of Yah (God)
  9. If you take from others and don’t consider the cost it took for them to give what they gave to you, without being thankful
  10. If you are constantly competing with others just to prove that you are a better person than them.
  11. If you constantly worry about what man or woman think about you rather than worrying about what Yah (God) think about you . You are constantly trying to please men rather than please Yah (God).
  12. If you constantly point out the faults of others without looking at your own faults.
  13. If you hold people more accountable than you hold yourself.
  14. If you cannot stop looking at yourself in the mirror making yourself an idol to yourself
  15. If you have a self righteous attitude at the expense of others.
  16. If you ignore your faults but make others pay for their faults.
  17. If you are ignoring the commandments of Yah (God).
  18. If you use things to deceive or control others, creating a false reality and a false sense of peace when there is none.
  19. If you need drugs to calm you down and make you feel better rather than praying and seeking the face of Yah (God)
  20. If you are using alcohol to escape problems as well as drugs without using faith in Yah (God).
  21. If you are using food to make you feel better when problems arise rather than trusting Yah (God) this is a subtle sin but the end result could be health problems. this sin is called gluttony.
  22. If you put others down to make yourself look more Holy and feel better about yourself, when you know that you are no better than the person you are attacking.
  23. When you are setting rules for others that you do not follow yourself.
  24. When you feel like you do not sin so there fore you do not have to repent to God (Yah) for your sins.
  25. When you embrace every religion and every Yah (God).
  26. When you mix your worship of the true Yah (God) and other gods.
  27. When you deny the existence of Messiah or Yah (God).
  28. When you love upholding wrong because it benefits you.
  29. When you hate others 
  30. When you think you are a Messiah or a God.
  31. When you have done something wrong and you cover it up thinking that no one will know.
  32. When you falsely accuse others.
  33. When you steal from others 
  34. lack of remorse for others 
  35. ignoring the needs of others just fulfilling the needs of yourself when it is all about you not even Yah (God).
  36. When you pass judgment on others without judging yourself.
  37. When you cheat others out of what is theirs this again is stealing.
  38. When you are cruel to others.
  39. When Yah (God) has not called you to preach or teach but you do it anyway.
  40. When you fail to listen to your calling from Yah (God) no matter how big or small it is 
  41. When you follow the crowd in belief no matter if it is right or wrong you still follow them because it is because of popular opinion and it is not the truth. Remember broad is the road that leads to destruction.
  42. When you tell others to do things that you would not do or you do something to others that you do not want done to you.
  43. When you vilify others just to advance
  44. When you gossip about others in the Torah (Bible) this is called being a tale bearer.
  45. When you seduce men or women and tear families apart this is called an adulteress or adulter  
  46. When you put your sexuality above your belief in the Torah (bible) in other words you live the way you want to by making up your own rules about your own sexuality. and not regard if the bible says it is wrong.
  47. You grow angry and resentful when someone corrects you even when you are wrong.
  48. You love horror and zombie movies to a point of obsession.
  49. You believe more in science than you do the bible (Torah). You believe in the power of man rather than the power of God (Yah) in other words having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.
  50. You love horoscopes and fortunetelling and you believe everything that is said when it comes from these sources.
  51. You believe in casting spells on people, you believe in good witches and bad witches you practice witchcraft.
  52. You believe in talking to the dead or reincarnation.
  53. You believe in the power of magic
  54. You love sensationalism and you spread it even if it is wrong or right you love the rumor mill.
  55. You spy on others who cause you no harm just to harm or harass them. you stalk them.
  56. You spend more time on the computer than time with Yah (God).
  57. You love causing trouble for others.
  58. You show no mercy for others.
  59. When you only think about me, myself and I
  60. When you cause others to do wrong then you tell the whole world about their error.
  61. When you make a pledge of faithfulness then you break it.
  62. When you tell half truths and little white lies about yourself or others just to make yourself look good.
  63. When your addiction is more important to you than Yah (God) you just can’t go a day without it.
  64. When you trust in lies rather than embracing the truth.
  65. When you show hate and encourage hate toward others that are not like you.
  66. When you love starting conflict rather than love to bring about peace. in other words being a warmonger.
  67. When you favor evil natured people and love their company over good natured people in the word of Yah (God)
  68. When you love unrighteousness.
  69. When you believe every wind of doctrine and everything you hear without confirming it.
  70. When you destroy other people’s lives without any remorse.
  71. When you give a false prophecy or dream or vision and bring no correction to yourself and you keep bringing about more. and continue to deceive others.
  72. When you purposefully deceive others.
  73. When you use flattery and untruth to advance.
  74. When you uphold a false prophecy.
  75. When you love living in the spirit of fear and love making people fear that is not the spirit of Yah (God). But he is to be feared because he made all things and he has the power to give life or take it away.
  76. When you love to abuse others.
  77. When you are a bigot or prejudice or racist because others are  a different skin tone than you.
  78. When you believe there is no Hell or lake of fire.
  79. When you have lost your fear of Yah (God)
  80. When you disrespect others and would not allow others to disrespect you.
  81. When you talk back to your parents and even curse them out. The Torah (bible) tells us to honor our parents.
  82. When you curse out other people, and you don’t want to be cursed out.
  83. When you disrespect and hurt elderly people 
  84. When you harm those who are more helpless than you.
  85. When you take advantage of those less fortunate or weaker than you.
  86. When you do crimes against the elderly or children.
  87. When you abuse the helpless
  88. When you show no mercy upon the poor.
  89. When you love the culture of division
  90. When you love the culture of death and destruction.
  91. When you hate all that is good.

If any of this is you – You could be under the strong delusion where you are unable to discern from good or evil it is a spiritual blindness, my advice is to seek the face of Yah (God) for help as long as you got breath in your body you can repent and turn away from these sins.  Judgment is coming anytime don’t get caught on the wrong side of judgment repent and be free of these things. Ask Yah (God) for help he will hear you he is merciful and he can cleanse you from all unrighteousness.



pending judgment

woe to those who


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