Slander A Tool Of The Devil

every idle word you will give accont

We live in a day when people do not guard their mouths they use their words to hurt or injure others. Spiritually speaking these are weapons that the enemy of our souls use these are known as spiritual arrows and darts. This is why it is important to put on the whole armor of Yah (God) everyday.  I am saddened and amazed at how much slander is being spoken by some of the awakened Hebrews some of the words used against others is downright shameful. If you fail to guard what you speak out of your mouth against others you will  judged by the same judgement that you pass on someone else.

judge and be not

It is utterly impossible for you to know the history or every detail about every persons life that pass you on the street and that you see everyday. Unless it is given by Yah (God) and Yah (God) does not condone any type of slander because this is what Satan Aka Lucifer is known for. Slander has nothing to do with the spirit of Yah (God) when someone slander’s you or I or others they lie about things then the truth is twisted to benefit those who do such things, This in itself is demonic, and not the Spirit of Yah (God).

slander definition

No one known as a Hebrew from the tribe of Judah or Israel should be caught slandering no one at any given time considering the fact that we are slandered and spoken falsely of by all nations. We should not practice the evil things that was done to us by others. These are the evil things that Yahushua (Yahuah) Jesus and God, is coming to judge. Those who are practicing such things are going against the commandments. There is only one judge and it is no Hebrew and no Gentile. But yet you have many judging others.

the devil is a murderer

The same vile judgment that is passed on another will be passed on you this is why you must be careful and treat all men with love and respect from the fruit of the spirit and a good heart. If you are not able to do this and are filled with much anger you must step back and pray and ask Yah (God) to take this evil away from you, the spirit of wishing evil upon others is not from Yah (God) It is a murderous spirit and there is only one who the Torah (Bible) calls a murderer.

fruit of the spirit

What you practice is who you are serving. If you glorify violence, against others you are not serving Yah (God) but you are serving the evil one. If you glorify peace and good will to all men no matter if they are Hebrew or Gentile you glorify Yah (God) , because he causes the rain and he blesses the evil and the just. If you bless someone who do not deserve it, You are bringing about a blessing upon yourself.  Yahushua (Jesus) went to the cross and died for people who killed and crucified him so that they could have eternal life. Yah (God) sent his son because he loves you so much that he sent his own son to do this even though none of us deserved it but he did it anyway.

filthy rags

Who are we to think we are too good to forgive ? Who are we to hold grudges against one another? Who are we to do evil to one another? We are We to judge anyone? The judgment will be divine because of what the Lamb of God (Yah) did for us all and no one can copy or beat what he did for us in our sin in our disobedience to Yah (God). We got a lot of nerve to think we have arrived and deserve anything from Yah (God) truth being said we all deserve Judgment and Sheol (Hell). But in his mercy through his son we can obtain eternal life. We should all be trying to follow his lead and imitate how the Abba (Father) is and what he has done.

danger of unforgivness

We are to love one another like he loved us. When you do this  when I do this I know that I and you are walking in the obedience of the Abba (Father).  When you walk in obedience of the Abba (Father) you are doing his commandments.  We are not the one calling the shots he is, What he says goes and I believe him do you? You want Yah (God) to forgive you when you sin but you won’t forgive others of their sin against you? So what does that mean? and think about who is practicing hypocrisy.

byword a

The Hebrews as a people have been slandered, and a byword to all nations,  not because of anyone’s fault but our own. if you practice what your oppressors do how are you different from them. Those of you in anger, hate and unforgiveness practicing these things will make you a rebel it is time for Israel to rise up from being the tail. Practice being the head not the tail practice righteousness in all truth.

fulfillment of time




Redeemed from the curse

redeemed from the curse

While the law is not done away with one thing everyone must acknowledge and understand.  We must appreciate what the Lamb of Yah (God) Yahushua (Jesus) has done for us through the shedding of his blood on the tree (cross). Without this shedding of blood there is no redemption for Judah and there is no redemption of Israel. What he did for all of us is of the utmost importance.


By no means should it be blasphemied or taken lightly it should be in high regard to all for the simple fact that he was born a perfect sinless man and conceived of the Ruach Ko desh (Holy Spirit).  His father was not Joseph . Many are teaching false doctrine. His Father Was the I AM. Many do not understand the nature of Yah (God), even though it is right in their face they refuse the truth and claim to be expert on the bible but cannot read simple lines and their reading comprehension and understanding of the meaning of these scriptures are totally off

I notice many twisting this scripture around saying that it does not mean this and trying to bring him down to their understanding and level and this is error. Those who do this should not be teaching anyone especially those who say that Joseph was his  biological father they do not know but they are committing the sin of blasphemy. Mary nor Joseph were fornicators you who teach this are still in your sins.

Matthew 1:18 18

Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost.

Scriptures prove you wrong and if you are teaching this to others you need to step down. Clearly you are teaching people false doctrine to deny that Yahushua was conceived of the Ruach Ko desh (Holy Ghost ) (Holy Spirit).  You are in error and you are denying the truth . If you know the truth and refuse to stop you are no better than the Gentiles who lie about who the true Hebrews are and the churches you criticize.

before and after hebrew painting

You are no better this false doctrine of Jesus (Yahushua) is being parroted all over the internet to those who are unlearned or do not want to acknowledge the truth of biblical scriptures. They are leading people to hell, especially with the belief of reincarnation calling themselves the saints that are asleep in Christ and if this does not send off red flags of false prophets to those who listen to this stuff I do not know what will . People need to pray for spiritual discernment so they can recognize good from evil. This is a warning to you .   Your soul is at stake.

do not deny him before men consequences for sin


Self Deception is widespread seek the face of God (Yah) In Everything

self deception

So many say they are called to teach and teach the wrong things that do not line up with the Word of God (Yah), So many have decided that they are important and have given themselves titles and demand that others respect them because of their self made titles and if you don’t they bully you according to the flesh, not by the Spirit. Hebrews and Gentile believers beware.  When someone claims to be something they are not because if God (Yah) gives anyone a title a position or anything they are not on social media bragging about it and proving to men or women how great they are, Some are deceived within themselves by the root of pride and we know what the Torah says about pride.

destructive pride

We cannot tell Yah (God) to make us anything it is his choice and we do not pick our positions in him, he picks those positions and he knows what he is doing we do not. We cannot demand anything from him or anyone else. The lack of humility exposes false prophets and teachers.

Jesus and disciples shame on them

(Ancient picture found in European Museum of Jesus (Yahushua) washing disciples feet)

The character of Jesus (Yahushua) was far from this. This should be a telltale sign to any believer to righteously judge by the Torah (Holy Bible) If one is walking in the flesh or by the Spirit. We all need to pray for discernment in all things and humble ourselves and learn from the great I AM. because it is not about us it is about something far more bigger than us it is about him.

walk in the spirit so that you would not

If our judgment is not righteous judgment we are walking in our flesh and not our spirit. Humility is a important trait of the Spirit we must all walk carefully if we want to see the new Kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Pray for discernment of what is evil and what is good if you do not know seek The face of the Great I Am.

woe to those who

He will never let you down or lead you down a wrong path when you trust in him I tell you this from experience, he will always be there for you and not let you fall into deception because he can and will place his Spirit within you to lead you into all truth. Blessings to all who visit this site to you and your families I pray that discernment and wisdom from The Most High comes to all of you as you learn of him


you gotta do it be born again

fleshly works

fruit of the spirit


I Am Finding This Interesting The Call of African Americans Back To Africa But isn’t China there? The Land of The Dragon?

land of the dragon

I don’t know but did anyone catch this?

land of the dragon china

Is this prophetic in a different kind of way?

chinese myth

china in africa

Then the invite to so called African americans to africa

some africa americans moving to africa

I don’t know but  could this be prophetically speaking? or not I could be wrong but this caught my attention

Chapter 12

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:
And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.
And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.
And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.
And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.
And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

(end of scripture)

I believe Jesus will bring us back from the lands of captivity according to the bible not man and not woman I know he can use people but this is kind of suspect be careful Judah walk carefully and pray and make sure you get confirmation from Jesus (Yahushua) before taking your family anywhere use spiritual discernment. People may be trying to play on our oppression be as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove I hope this is not a trap for some. We need to be lead of Yah (God) not man. Another question Why are so many migrants fleeing to Europe ?

deadly voyage

something don’t seem right here

hummmm interesting it remains to be seen if there is a connection

how this relates to african americans

african heritage of west africa

the church of philly


The Reason Why there is Paranoid people and Fear Everywhere

fear recipe

The reason for this is because those walking in fear are not walking after God (Yah) and they expect everything evil. They run to and fro spewing out evil things and this is their expectation upon themselves because they know that their deeds and their works are evil.  The carnal minded believe that the elect of Yah (God) will wage a physical war against those that are guilty of oppression but this is not what the Word of God says .  The Ancient Hebrews will not have to lay one finger against those who oppress them.  This is what the Messiah and his Holy warrior angels they will do this our battle is not flesh and blood. We are to do what the Word of God (Yah) says in Yahushua’s Jesus Name.

brightness of his coming

He will come and plead with the nations for his inheritance and he will destroy the beast and the false prophet by the brightness of his coming. The spirits that indwell the wicked are running in fear because they know that their time is short. There is no plan of war that the Hebrews have against any government, The battle will be fought by the Messiah Jesus (Yahushua) and his Holy warrior angels against the forces of darkness he will destroy them by the brightness of his coming because they scattered his inheritance and declared war upon his scattered people when they have no power to fight them back..

wicked perishes

Hebrews all you have to do is sit back and watch and pray this battle is not physical it is spiritual and it shall manifests itself in the physical upon the return of Christ because of you whom they are confederate against. To raise up and rebel against the government forces is disobedience because Christ will come and set the record straight to riot and fight in the streets is not what he wants you to do the battle is his and vengeance is his he will repay.

scary for evil men

wars and rumors of wars

Let the wicked run in their paranoia, They sense his presence because of your awakening . The bones in the valley of dry bones are rattling together. His Kingdom is coming and his will is going to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

rudolph windsor valley of dry bones

those bones

Ancient Hebrews stand down and watch the glory of the one and only Most High God (Yahuah) He got this. Just sit back and watch the bridegroom fight and watch the wicked run in paranoia and fear because of their wickedness.

he has not given us a spirit of fear

I guess they should be because they bit off more than what they can chew. I think if I was against (Yah) God I would run too.

day of judgment more bearable than sodom

the devil will burn in the lake of fire

I guess those spouting off about some kind of civil war that many black folks is not even thinking about  are the warmongers themselves most people are worried about trying to make ends meet from day to day. You war against innocents and people who cannot defend themselves  in the lands of their captivity and watch your fate and watch what Jesus (Yahushua) does to you.

flood dragon

These people spouting civil war are warmongers themselves this is their hope and they have lost their minds this is their own evil hearts and paranoia because of the evil that they are doing.

ha ha ha

blm civil war

These instigators will face the Most High God (Yah)  These folks need a shrink.  Remember the Woman in the wilderness of the book of Revelation

Prophecy cannot help but to fulfill itself before your very eyes

flood after the woman

They are demonically insane paranoid about the Ancient Hebrews (who they call black folks) harming them  It seems these elements need an excuse to kill blacks once again. like they been doing .

our stolen menorah

from babylon to timbuktu documentation

Wait on Jesus (Yahushua) Judah he is coming for he is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. It is not our fault they decided to enslave the ancient Hebrew people we will not pay for this sin they will, when Jesus (Yahushua) comes don’t take it out on them. You say you have Christ? start acting like it then.



Are You Mixing Your Political Party With Your Worship Of God

the politica religion mix

Many have come to believe that God (Yah) cares about the laws of men or that he is in their political party but they are going to be rudely mistaken.  It is man’s system of things that is causing the rebellion against Yah (God) so how is it that many misinformed non bible reading people think that he cares about what political party they belong to since he is coming to judge the heathen nations that promote this idolatry.

how god looks at nations

People are even worshipping their flags and ready to kill people who do not do this idolatry. And they claim to love the creator of all things, Even though the Bible (Torah) says if they read it  says specifically in the first commandment.

the first commandment

But this is no surprise after all the heathen nations do not subscribe to the laws of God (Yah) but honor the laws of men more. This is why judgment is coming to a system called the beast those who worship politics and religion are already in worship of the beast this is his image not the image of Yah (God) through his commandments. Since Yah (God) is spirit we must worship him in spirit and in truth and the commandments that he gave is a spiritual thing. This is his spiritual image, so therefore those worshipping flags, political parties, and the laws of sinful men and not God’s (Yah’s) ten commandment laws or mixing both are worshipping the beast and it’s image. This is nothing more than Mystery Babylon. The system described in the Book of Revelation for people to do such things. It is blasphemy and it is also Spiritual adultery.

political party worship.png

You are not worshipping God you are worshipping men’s agenda, and that is man making himself God( Yah) and some of you are treating your political parties like it is God or something  that  is 666 nothing but idolatry in it’s highest form it ain’t about God (Yah) at all you use God to justify your evil . In the Holy Bible (Torah) it describes Mystery Babylon being drunk with the blood of the saints and this is true some who worship their political parties laugh at the struggles that blacks have in America but what they fail to realize historical proof of the African American being the Parent stock of the ancient Hebrews fulfills this scripture with their hate and injustice of this people through political maneuvering and their politics.

how this relates to african americans

Some historical proof for the unlearned

stop correcting lying wikipedia cause Kingdom of Judah is the slave coast those west african slaves taken duh duh duh duh duh stinkin liars

1747 slave coast map Kingdom of Judah

wrong to lie bible dictionary

Zondervan bible dictionary the negro is not ham like many churches taught and they are not Japheth either.


Original slave ship poster before it was changed to Negro

black whydah

Whydah means nothing more than Judah

remnants of the Kingdom of Judah right before the slave trade after they fled in 70AD the romans this is the west coast of Africa

ouidah book

(Ouidah is a corruption of the word Judah to keep it hidden the slaves brought to America and everywhere else was Judah of Israel who fled from the roman invasion and the arabs who started the slave trades that led to their fleeing to all parts of Africa. Judah is still held in the countries she was dispersed in)

african heritage of west africa

(For those skeptical the book above is fully documented historically by an Askenazi Jew an Israeli with historical proof but you will find most of the truth in Deuteronomy 28 check out the description these examples are given to verify and confirm the Holy Bible’s description of Jacob) And make no mistake about it this site does not ascribe to the Kaaba stone the worship of anything stone and wood is idolatry. We are trying to help break the curses off of Judah and Israel not enhance them and encourage them.

wood and stone

before abraham was i am

Exposing the truth is not but truth is pleasing to The Great one and only I AM. We seek to please Yahuah not man. This site believes in the living walking talking Torah which is Yahushua (Jesus) himself before Abraham was he was and he said he is The I AM please don’t misunderstand.

they are not saved they are liars white washed

Historical pictorial proof from Europe and all over the world

christ again what

boy had to destroy it cause the people in gods hands are black hell to pay


Here is a depiction of Christ on the cross in Rome

anna marys mother

shame liars lie

the transfiguation

black christ in mexico

good shephard

original cruxifixion picture

(There is so much more all you have to do is google ancient Hebrews )


while many have been killed unjustly without justice, not only that it has turned into a political thing and when Colin Kaepernick bows the knee because of the injustice and explains this is because many are getting killed and no one is being charged they turn it into a thing they say is racist. Yah (God) hates unjust balances and he will bring judgment on everyone involved .  I don’t buy the anger at Kaepernick anger thing because he bent his knee who are people really angry at Black people and God?


abomination scale

He did not tell anyone to worship political parties or flags he demands whole worship of him. Yahushua (Jesus) tells people to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves this is what Colin Kaepernick is doing he is standing up for what is right and Yah (God) will reward him. While others have hate in their hearts so much that they are bringing judgment upon themselves from the Most High and they think he is in agreement with their prejudice he is not. People will be judged accordingly how is this righteousness on top of it they get mad at people not worshipping their flags and their political parties more than they get mad at people not worshipping Yah (God) That is the biggest form of idolatry ever.   This whole thing is a image of the beast and mystery Babylon. Those who are mad because no one agree’s with their political parties or worship the flag

mystery babylon

mystery babylons statement




handwriting on the w

sad picture