Traits Of Those Marked By The Beast

woe to those who endorse evil

Proverbs 4:16

“For they sleep not, except they have done mischief; and their sleep is taken away, unless they cause some to fall.”

(end of scripture)

Those marked by the beast and have lost their souls have brought into the culture of violence they do not sleep unless they have caused someone to hurt or fall they hate without reason and feed off of the lusts of  war and something violent. When the Word of Yah (God) told us that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of Yah (God) this was for a reason. Our physical bodies eat food as well as our spiritual bodies. Both eat food. Men and women of violence and who have been marked Love war, murder, violence and slander.


They may not physically commit these acts but their spirits are fed by these things with movies, thoughts, it can even manifests in actions toward others, their whole countenance may manifests itself as hate. When the Messiah returns those taken in and deceived by the beast and his mark will have fell for the culture of violence that we are fed daily on the airwaves in movies, radios and TVs hook, line, and sinker.

mind programe

Everything that feeds the flesh to make it angry and violent at something will take over their souls and not only that in their deception they will wage war with the true Messiah at his coming with their deceived violence because satan will have deceived them so much. These folks do not feed off of the Word of Yah (God) They feed off of the devil and his words they make Evil look good and good look evil. They demonize everything they touch to make themselves look good even though inside of their souls they are the definition of a person who have been marked by the beast  they are blood thirsty and love everything that contradicts or attack anything or anyone who appears to be peaceful or good. They have already been marked.


Lying is accepted and those who tell the truth are looked upon and attacked. Their perception is so twisted they cannot discern good from evil, or light from darkness. Satan himself appears as an angel of light. and so does the Pharisee’s they are whitewashed tombs. The outside appearance before men looks great but the inside is full of dead men’s bones. Those who have embraced this evil are the walking dead. Their spirit is dead there is no life on the inside because they are what they eat. These are truly the days of Noah. People are feeding off of violence and evil every story is a evil one if it is not evil enough on these airwaves it is boring to those who love the sensationalism of satan.


garbage sensationalism

a sensation

People must examine their hearts and  identify what they are indulging in daily. If what you do is done under the auspice of self righteousness by doing evil and expecting the outcome to be good you are deceived too.


The ends does not justify the means and measures these are unjust balances .You cannot mix light with darkness and expect a positive outcome, this is the way that satan deceives the masses. He get’s them to do a little evil to obtain good this is how this murderous spirit has deceived the whole world and those who fall for it.

woe to you scribes and pharisees

covering up something evil you have done is not repentance, so that you can look good before men. Repenting is turning away and having nothing to do with it all together and telling Yah (God) you repent and not having anything to do with that deception again. Many will stand before Messiah saying did I not do this in your name or that in your name and he will profess he never knew them because they truly did not practice that which is good they practiced evil on a daily basis hurting and destroying others with their mouths, or even physically.

to be rich



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