Snakes Are Strengthened By Violence prophetic vision

test the spirits

I would like to share with you a very prophetic dream I had today for a time such as this as with any prophetic word dream or vision I ask you to I John 4:1-3 everything I so not claim to be a prophet or anything special I share my dreams and visions as a testimony to teach by example so that others may follow the True one and only living Yah (God) of Jacob so please identify for yourself what the Spirit of Yah (God) tells you with what I am about to share this is to help you and give you some spiritual meat not hurt you so please pay attention to what was shown to me in this day vision.

black worm

In this vision there was a black worm on the white walls of my house my mom told me hey there is a worm on the wall she did not know if I would be able to kill it and I grabbed something and hit the worm chopping it up and she thought I killed it because of the chopped off piece of it. Needless to say the worm multiplied as I hit it with a broom or stick trying to destroy it they were everywhere the more I attacked the worm the more they multiplied. I thought wow what in the world in this vision.

worms black ones ewwwww

Those nasty things went on the floor as I chopped away at them then something came to me and told me to  open the Door of the house. So I did

light shining through a door

and the Light shined in on the worms immediately the worms turned into a clear slime

clear slime

I then realized that I could not get rid of the worms by trying to kill them by force I had to open the door and let the light shine in on the worms and they melted and were destroyed, they turned

RVB de base

into a clear slime. The Light destroyed them.

wickned destroy

The Door is Jesus (Yahushua) I had to open him upon the evil worms (wicked and the devil) I could not destroy them by force like the world tries to destroy material things by force it does not eradicate evil. The Door which is Jesus (Yahushua) does, Then once opened the Light shined down on the worms. the light is also Jesus (Yahushua) he exposes the evil of the worms.( One day he will expose and judge all devils demons and evil) and once they were exposed, they were destroyed by the brightness of the light that came through him.


Repent the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!


THE DEevil that deceived them

sad picture




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