Beware Of The Spirit Of Control

we seek to expose evil

When you bring evil to the light it tries to find somewhere to hide but make no mistake those who are apart of the Armies in heaven and those who battle in the heaven on their knees as prayer warriors are not shaken or fooled by the devices of the evil one to keep men’s and women’s hearts and minds in bondage. The armies in the heavenlies expose and attack these evil spirits Yah (God) does not have any coward soldiers. Our battle is not with flesh and blood but it is for tearing down evil principalities and powers that war with mortals in heavenly realms .

armor up

Fear is the number 1# stronghold the enemy try to use to control the saints of Yah (God) and his elect do not believe the hype of hyperbole lies. These things are sent to your mind in the spirit realm to control you with evil strings to make you lash out at everyone who is imagined as a threat. This is called evil surmising in the Torah (Holy Bible) We must guard our hearts and minds against these things and know where the attack it coming from this is why the word of many over the airwaves is so evil people are being controlled by fear.

god is good satan is bad

Satan AKA Lucifer is not the friend of mankind nor is he your friend no matter how much peace you may attempt to make with him he is after your soul. No matter what lie you hear on these airways after all he is prince of the power of the air and he knows whatever propaganda he feed you on that demon box you call TV’s or the radio airwaves or even those movies . Or he can feed you in your mouth such as drugs or something that can addict you that can cause you to put that thing as a idol, he is the master of controlling the flesh and this is witchcraft that he is using to take as many souls to hell with him as he can. No he does not play fair he attacks the physical fleshy body any way he can.

aw the flesh

If one is not walking in the spirit they fall victim to the devices of the devil and he transfers those evil spirits on anyone and anything that he can contaminate this is how he battles with you through your flesh this is why we are in need of the blood of the Messiah to plead over our families and the battle is on your knees not with your fleshy fist. Or any weapon the Word of Yah (God) is known as the sword of the spirit use it on that devil every time he tries to throw his witchcraft spirits at you.

u can't make um shut up but you don't have to listen

The human race is at war with evil entities that are enslaving those who are walking daily in their flesh those who have Yahushua (Jesus) walk in freedom because if they are born of the water and the Spirit and the Holy fire of the Holy one. No weapon formed against them shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against them in judgment is condemned for this is the heritage of the children of the Lord and their righteousness is of me.  (Yah) (Yahushua) this is why when we accept Yahushua (Jesus) as our savior our messiah we are covered by his blood and we are able to walk in his righteousness and we are able to present ourselves before the Father (Abba)

the truth of the negroes

These promises were given to the blood line Hebrews and those who are grafted in and those who are re grafted in Juda as well as Gentiles must learn that we do not stand in our own righteousness but we stand in the righteousness of the blood atoning Lamb of Yah (God) without him we cannot do nothing or be nothing it is all about the sacrifice that the Lamb gave upon the tree so that you and I can be redeemed from the Deuteronomy 28 curses. When we walk under the covenant of the blood of the sacrificial Lamb of Yah (God) these curses break over us and over our generations and by no means does this fact cancel out the Law statues and commandments of the Hebrews the covenant of Moses is forever you are bloodline.

why is the antichrist lawless one

forever keep them

truth of the law statues

In Revelation 22 those commandments will be required of you. We must not take for granted what the Lamb of God (Yah) did and become complacent when we catch ourselves doing this we must repent and do not let the devil take away the promises that Yah (God) has made to us the truth is being exposed and more and more of Judah is waking up to their true identity. because of this judgment is coming we must stay sober in the midst of adversary and put on the whole armor of Yah (God) daily do not  cave in and believe the devil’s negative lies fight the good fight of faith.

truth for gentiles

Apostle Paul was addressing the Gentiles in the above picture. To follow Messiah is to keep the law he fulfilled it stand in his righteousness. Keep the commandments and not give in to greasy grace where folks think they can live anyway unrighteously that they want to and Yah (God) is still going to redeem them Keep the commandments!

what yah commanded

keep the law and commandments

Faith without works is dead. I would not write this to you if I did not know this to be true by experience myself because there is nothing impossible or too hard for God (Yah) he is on the throne and he is in control even when you think he is not he is right there. Yes he has feelings too and we must all start to regard those feelings his name is Jealous and we must not have any other gods before him he is 1# to everything.

lamb that was slain

every tribe people and nation

  Without Christ Messiah you are powerless to cast out demons we must stand in his righteousness or you cannot fend off the devil’s attacks against you. The only control one should be under is the control of Yah (God) we all belong to him and he is the King of all things be strong in him.

teach the gospel to everybody

Shalom and blessings to you and your families

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