Identifying Deception (Updated)

a strong delusion

    The strong delusion is here many who are in the strong delusion do not accept evidence or truth their pride overrides it and they are in practice of breaking the commandments of Yahuah (God)  everyday because of the pride and their ability to judge every one and everything without looking and correcting their own behavior, yes all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of Yah (God) even I. But the minute we say we know everything,  is the minute we fall and we are of no use to the Messiah and we produce works that are filthy rags.


our works like filthy rags

We willingly blind ourselves when we do such things. It is important to take the truth for what it is and not deflect or create our own reality when this is done we delude ourselves.  This is a practice of today in movies, Tv, and things people use to entertain themselves these things are not truth. Many are in full blast violation of the first commandment by the things they are worshipping in the movie theatre God (Yah) says have no other Yah’s (G0d’s) before me and he meant it no rebels will enter the land, these movies   are created realities and the world is falling more and more into these things because of the refusal  to embrace the truth.

deluded people watching tv

Yahushua, Yahuah  is the God *Yah of the living Not the Dead!

Matthew 22:32

“I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.”

No wonder when Christ comes back this world will not recognize him because so many are choosing to stay in delusion.  My advice is everything you are told you must take the time out to research it and make sure that people are telling you the truth. If you don’t it is no one’s fault but your own. You cannot blame anyone but yourself if you blindly follow every thing people say, you must study to show yourselves approved rightly dividing the Word of Truth. So if you go to hell because you were just following what someone say ,this is your fault for not researching the truth.

the rez and the life

Many have been deceived Many are judging things they have not looked into by their own prejudices and choices. Many are justifying bad behavior that Yahushua (Jesus) or Yahuah (God) have nothing to do with. We live in a time where people are refusing to humble themselves and look at both sides of the story rather than just depending on what they are told maybe because of their own unrepentant prejudices. This is indeed works of the flesh and not of Yah (God) and not of the Ruach Ko desh (Holy Spirit). Judah has to wake up and  the Gentile has to wake up and stop vexing the stranger Juda and the Gentile need to stop boasting against the branches. If this behavior do not stop it will bring sure judgment upon the individual that is practicing unrighteousness.

exodus reading

boasting against the branches

Lots of boasting against these people

how this relates to african americans


There is nothing righteous about hating people and thinking yourself better than others because of the tone of their skin, this is the way of the oppressor and Yah (God) is not playing around he is no respector of persons he will judge every single person practicing such things. This is not a game Israel you can be cut off with the 2/3rds and not be apart of the 1/3rd, and Gentiles you can be thrown in the lake of fire for constantly denying the truth of who the ancient Israelites are, and if you are helping to oppress and degrade them because of your refusal to acknowledge the truth because this is boasting against the branches it is also agreeing with the oppression that is happening to Juda. This is serious because Juda and all of Israel is the inheritance of the Messiah Yahushua this is his kin his blood.

I do not speak about the people who are living in the land of Israel the land is not Israel the people who are descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are who are scattered to the four corners of the earth who fit the Deuteronomy 28 curses up to this day those who Messiah have not come to regather that is true Israel that is true Judah who was dispersed throughout the nations. If you research this or care about the truth you would know who these people are. This is it judgment is surely coming on this world the creators cup is full. People choose everyday who they serve by  their actions.

We are told to walk in the Spirit not the flesh. Sad to say that majority are choosing their flesh. walking on the broad road with the crowd that is going straight into the lake of fire when Messiah comes back. I hope that many get this message it is my hope that many avoid getting in their pride judging others and condemning others, we must speak the truth. When we let our prejudices get in the way we are off the narrow path.

wide is the gate

Those who seek the truth will research everything put on this site and I pray they share it and help with the fight against the principalities and evil powers in high places we are not wrestling against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. If you embrace these demons you are working in your flesh and you are breaking the commandments that Yah (God) told you to keep everyday your actions and words judge you everyday.

commands from God

When Messiah comes no man shall glory in his sight and not one person will stand up in pride before his greatness and no one can put a title on themselves and tell the world who they are in the Kingdom no one can name themselves nothing it is Yah (God) who tell you who you are not your pride and not those bragging about their so called position in the coming Kingdom of Yah (God) we are nothing but dust it is he who is the creator and it is he who speaks into our lives whatever he says goes like it or not. Many are trying to take his place and act like they are god *Yah but they are nothing but a bumbling piece of dust that will blow away when he comes and shouts.

fall on us hide us

lamb that was slain

They will run and hide in their caves because his voice will break up the composition of your very being and it will destroy the very roots of the flesh that some of you are walking in. We are nothing but dust all worthy of hell Yah (God) does not share his glory with nobody. So stop glorying in yourself and glory in him that he had enough mercy to wake you up and not destroy you in your wicked works because all of our works are like filthy rags. 


Hang your head in Shame Juda cause we rejected our Messiah and King when he came and repent Hang your head in shame  you Gentiles and heathen because you knew who the King of glory was and you took part in nailing him on that cross and you enslaved his inheritance and killed them and stole the land of his inheritance by dividing it among yourselves.

greeks stealing menorah

You also stole the articles and temple insturments from his Holy temple, and put them in your museums before you Raised the temple and tried to bury the evidence. Unless you all repent you will not see the Kingdom of Yah (God) I do not care what position you think you hold on this earth I do not care how elevated you are by men’s lips.

self exaltation

To be exalted by man is an abomination to God (Yah) so those who do not listen continue to let men praise you and let your head grow bigger you are nothing in the sight of Yah (God) and he is coming to judge you.  You must be born of the water and the spirit  to even enter in the Kingdom of Yah (God) no Liars will be in the Kingdom no matter what good works or how nice you claim to be this is not going to mean nothing to Yah (God).

greece christ on the throne

He will judge your unrighteous works. This is a warning it is not a game Judgment is coming take the warning or leave it your very soul is at stake if your soul means nothing to you. You will continue to lie to yourself and to others. repent now turn or burn.

Parable of Wise and Foolish Virgins

God wants you



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