Two Prophetic Visions with a message

Jesus is the spirit of prophecy

There are two messages from two night visions I will share I believe it is the right time. Before reading this please I John 4:1-3 I hesitate giving prophetic words or visions because I want to make sure they are right I do not claim to be a prophet I am only giving a message to those it was meant for out of obedience and submission to The Most High. Test everything even these words I do not claim to be perfect or above anyone or anything. I take Yahuah (God) very seriously and I believe he is no one to play around with. Nor should anyone’s redemption. So I take these visions very seriously, if they be true or not they must be tested and told about . Many people’s fate might depend on it.

test the spirits

The prophet in the first vision gave me the message that two kings made excuses not to come when they were bidden to come because of bad weather the climate of things is the way I understood it  therefore two kings were cut off  1/3 came faithfully . The bride of Messiah was there and was already chosen and set apart  This is verified by witnesses in heaven even the Father himself Now of the 1/3 the separation has already taken place . I understood that this was it. No more time it was done this vision was given 2-3 weeks ago. fates were sealed and people did not even know it. Only the elect ones who were present and were not making excuses to get to  the invited spiritual place of safety. They should be aware and know who they are because they may have shared the same vision and they do know where the appointed place will be.  It is done separation has happened 2/3rds cut off. Time was up.

The last prophetic message for the rest is do not be ashamed that he died for your sins. You will have to stand up. In other words do not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ (Yahushua) what he did  was important his death, burial and resurrection. this message is to the remnant of the woman’s seed.

blood of the lamb


Shabbat Shalom to the 12 tribes scattered and to the Church that came from the root which are the 12 tribes of Israel derived from 

The Satanic Trap of Prejudice and Racism that will condemn many When Messiah comes



John 8:15

Ye judge after the flesh; I judge no man.

1 Samuel 16:7

But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.



I decided to write something to all who subscribe to this blog as a spiritual warning because this evil spirit is sweeping certain countries like crazy it is called the spirit of prejudice or racism.  Above you just read about how the creator feels about judging people from the outward appearance and not from their hearts.  He does not judge people in this way. This is the reason why I believe that many will be condemned, when the Messiah comes because they are making the mistake of judging others by their own fleshy preferences and using the Torah (Bible) to justify this type of behavior, saying that Yah God hate people because of outward appearance those who do this are clearly sinning The Most High did not call you to judge or condemn anyone you are out of line and I am calling you out on it. The scriptures above proves you wrong and those who participate in this fleshy activity will be judged according to the flesh and not by the Spirit there will be no grace for you. If you are not clear on it read this scripture.


All of the fleshy prejudice racist acts that people thought were right will be held up in judgment when Messiah comes and condemned. This is a spiritual warning those who condemn will be condemned and those who do not condemn will not be condemned. If someone is teaching you the bible and teaching you to hate someone because of their skin color get away from them.  When I speak of prejudice and racism I am speaking about the things the word of Yah (God) clearly say is wrong.

judgment begins at the house of Yah

I am not speaking about obvious sin that some are promoting that the bible states is wrong then say they are being discriminated against that is two different things. Sin is sin. I call on all those guilty to repent or be Judged.

come out from among them and

The judge is at the door, and how many of you I wonder will tell the Messiah when he comes that he is not the Messiah because of his skin color. It is time to abandon the ways of the flesh and walk in the Spirit.

This is a Spiritual Warning

spiritual warning

Many feel that Yah (God) has an obligation to forgive them of their sins but fail to forgive others their sins, that is not the way it works whatever you give it will be given right back to you and if you don’t forgive men their trespasses against you know this for certain Yah (God) did not and will not forgive you either so get over your pride those who are practicing worship out of their flesh and repent. It is time for a reality check right here right now.

Matthew 6:14-15 King James Version (KJV)
14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:
15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses

(Updated) Watch and Pray Judgment is coming A vision I had

John 5:43 King James Version (KJV)
43 I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

nuclear cloud


Many are getting caught up on the wrong things we should be in constant watch and prayer.  The end of days is here the biblical Hebrews have awakened . It is just a matter of time before the bride groom comes only the Father (Abba) knows the day and the exact hour he gives us warnings through many things including dreams and visions but we must try the spirit of these dreams and visions but when these things are being observed it must first come into agreement with his word, because sometimes the enemy of our souls will send a false vision and dream too.


When I share these things I lean on these scriptures but I also encourage caution to those on the receiving end of whatever I share or anyone else share. Today I would like to share a strange night vision I had please I John 4:1 this vision and no I do not claim to be a prophet or anything just sharing with you these things, that may be a warning and may not be we all must watch and pray.  Please keep these things in mind as I share this with you.



This is a night vision that I will share feel free to leave your imput it could be important and it may not be.

In this night vision the whole world knew who the biblical ancient Hebrews were and Jesus (Yahushua) had come back to the earth.  He sat among the ancient Hebrew people and they knew him and he knew them and everyone was happy there was not a sad face in the room .

The details of this vision will surprise you because Yahushua (Jesus) had brown skin he was a black man and so were those  around him they were considered to be the bride of him .

This is what I seen and this is not to be prejudice or racist but this is what I seen,  I seen all black people and they sat next to him, They were his bride and all in the world knew that they were the True Hebrews it was out in the open after he came. everybody had smiles on their faces it was not a sad person in the room.

happy people

I seen people walking in the streets happy and at peace.  In this vision I approached him and he told me to go get him a food item ( a salad) , this was odd it made me think of this article ( ( In the case of cain and Abel some are hating their brothers and sisters) all I knew is I wanted to please  him so I went to get this food item as I went to go get this item I seen a nuclear bomb go off me and those that I was with seen a cloud in the distance everyone scrambled I asked Where did Jesus (Yahushua) go  and those that were with him told me that they witnessed him disappear. I scrambled to keep those I was with safe.

jesus-as-pictured-in-revelation-1 my demonstration of what i seen

I believe it was because he was going to handle the world problem because men were about to try to destroy everything in this vision I believe that he was about  to bring judgment on the whole world at that point because of the evil that nuclear weapons was about to cause I thought it would be difficult to breathe in this vision but for some reason it was not, I believe he prevented some type of atmospheric destruction that would have destroyed everyone and everything.

Parable of Wise and Foolish Virgins


This was my understanding of this vision when I seen it.  It was very odd to me I do know that we are living in the end times everything Jesus (Yahushua) has said in Matthew chapter 24 is coming to pass it seems like we are on the last part of it. This vision might be important and it might not be but I believe that it was worth sharing. Many will be caught off guard at his coming. At the same time this vision could mean that a deception is coming. When people are hating one another because of skin color it is wrong and will lead to destruction of those hating. I put this  up as a warning. Things are reaching a critical boiling point. This has to be said, This is why we must repent watch and pray and come out of the ways of this world. Judgment is coming on a day when no one expect it to.

day of judgment

Those who have not chosen to trust in Jesus (yahushua) will not be safe during this time. I believe those of us who were able to breathe in that dream that seen that bomb go off in the distance were under his protection so it did not effect us but those who were not under his care I believe they did not survive.   Please refrain from this world and the works of the flesh and walk in the spirit and if you have not fully given over your life to the Messiah I believe it is time and that it is no accident that you came across this post now is the time of repentance before he come not later.

wages of sin is death

it is true no one knows the day or the hour in which he will come but we do know that we are in the season.  Come to him today don’t wait Keep his commandments we are supposed to and do them and give your life to him put it in his hands.  Many things could happen even before you finish reading this post only the Father knows. This could be your last warning.

All of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Yah) no one is exempt, I have to always repent and I am sure you do too.