1ascales of judgment

Judgment is coming and for all those who will listen repent. What I mean by repent is to turn away from former sinful ways and stop repeating the same sin and Most of all telling  God (Yah) through his son Yahushua (Jesus) you are sorry and turn away forever from the same old dried up destructive sin, which comes by the enemy of our souls.  We all must repent on a daily basis and sort out and work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

a a aaprayer

Beware of getting caught up in the legalistic name game of what to call Yahushua (Jesus) many speak different languages in the world and as far as I know when you call upon him he knows who you are talking to and he answers.

alien devils flee at the name of jesus

Evil alien entities flee at the name of Jesus this is why it is such a strong attack against that name I believe that the devil is scared of that name because The Alpha and Omega shows up. Beware of getting caught up in this name game. I know one thing I witnessed demons being cast out at the name of Jesus before I knew the Hebrew name.

One thing is for certain Satan can’t cast out satan that is for sure, the name of Jesus just like the name Yahushua is powerful and one and the same. Israel’s punishment is justified the reason for her punishment was the fact of her being a Holy people profained Yah’s name throughout the nations resulting in her being scattered, and judged because of the sins of her forefathers, this judgment was between her and Yah (God) not her and other strange nations. This is why judgment comes the heathen nations took it a step further and interfered with a family matter that did not concern them.

Israel was and is judged for the sins of her forefathers this is why many atrocities for her has already occurred but Yah (God) did not need the help of unrighteous heathen to execute continuous judgment on Israel when they are unrighteous themselves in other words who is a sinner to execute judgment on another sinner.

The difference between bloodline Israel’s sin and the sin of the heathen nations who oppress her is the fact that Israel will be reunited to the Creator who has given the Deut 28 judgment to her, the difference is that even in their sin they are still a Holy people who will be reconciled with the one who called them to be Holy.

He has called out a people for himself and that is bloodline Israel who he know himself who is scattered in the four corners of the earth.  Because of his son Israel is his blood because of Moses Israel is family to the creator of all things.

On the other hand the heathen nations who think they can get in good with the creator by helping him to execute judgment on Israel while they steal the wealth of those they oppress when they have nothing to do with a covenant with the creator, It is like a parent correcting their child and a stranger seeks to please the parent by stepping in to further punish that child while the child has a time out, by the parent and that stranger takes it too far and hurt the child more than the parent intended.

  What do you think that parent will do when he comes back and discover a stranger who had nothing to do with the whole situation putting his hand on his own child .  I believe that parents anger would be aroused, I believe that parent would want to harm that stranger who put their hand on their child who they are teaching, the stranger has nothing to do with nothing, yet chooses to put his nose where it don’t belong Well this is what the nations who had nothing to do with Israel’s punishment did, and when Messiah comes and see the full extent of damage done to his Holy people the stranger will suffer for the damage done and full judgment will be executed.


 God (Yah) will give them just as much mercy as they have shown to the Holy people who were taken far from their borders and their land, but their judgment will be worse because they touched that which is Holy and not only did they touch what is holy they put their hands on his Holy vessels and opened the book of the law and put their own images in them attempting to replace the things that God *Yah has already established.

while doing all of this they thought that it would impress him  but by doing these things they have called him a liar by their very actions against his Holy people, this is now in the process of working against the offending nations, and it will bring about swift judgment on the offenders this has already started because The Most High Only Yah God has awakened Jacob to the sadness of those guilty of this and to the redemption and joy to those who are called out by blood as his Holy people.

Jacob saved out of it

When you observe the things that are happening today you can see the handwriting on the wall this world for this offense and this sin is now going through the process of judgment and this will worsen until Jacob is brought back to his rightful place in his land with his Messiah  redeemed as head of the nations who oppressed him. The law shall go forth from Jerusalem. but first


God (Yah) will gather together the tares and throw them in the fire and gather the wheat and put them safely in the barn.  The elect will be gathered and judgment will be executed for the scattering of his inheritance Judah.

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