What Christ Did For Us Is The Most Important Thing Of All (Updated)

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There is no covenant with satan with me or  his Kingdoms of darkness. He is the accuser of the servants of the Most High Yah.These are the lies he even tells his self. That he has an imaginary covenant with someone who belongs to the Most High Yah he is delusional because no one can pluck us out of the hand of the Savior once we belong to him. If the Father gives us to the Lamb of Yah (God) no one not even the dragon satan can pluck us out of his hand because his word says so.


  The only Covenant is with the Savior The Lion of The Tribe of Judah.This is the only covenant of Yah that stands with me. I hope with you who read this as well. All liars will have their part in the pool of fire, those who serve The Most High will live eternally.


What Christ did for us is the most important thing of all no amount of works can even come close to what The Lamb Of God did for us. Yisrael’s greatest sin was the rejection of Her Messiah when he first came. And Yisrael is paying dearly for  this great sin. The Messiah had to die in order to bring reconciliation to himself back to his people. No one has ever given a gift greater than the gift that we get by accepting him. He died so that we might live and see his great love and he rose again. and is seated on the right hand of Yah (God) the Father.

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His blood was the cleansing detergent that clean away sin he poured his blood out for us so that we might be able to stand before the Father and approach the throne room boldly., Covered by the blood of the Lamb.

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so that the passover angel will passover us and not kill us in eternal judgment. He is our great high priest . We as Hebrews must understand and keep our covenant that we made with the Father with his servant Moses. But The new and greater covenant. Is salvation not through our works but through the son this does not give us the excuse not to keep the old covenant because of the son but it gives us clarity and understanding of what he did and we appreciate it more. We keep the old and new covenant.  Christ fulfilled the law and each feast day is a testament of him.

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Taped Video Confession From a Jewish Man Of The True Identity Of African Americans

This is a taped video confession from a Jewish man giving the true identity of African Americans May the Most High bless his honesty. This is important for those who base bible prophecy on Israel.

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Welcome to the Fig tree Blog  We are here to expose a hidden truth the true identity of The Tribe of Judah and we are here to exalt the name of Yahushua (Jesus) The sacrificial Lamb of God.  He is also our Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

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  Many are not aware That the Tribe of Judah is not lost but are indeed among us. There is evidence throughout history of who these people are.

Without the knowledge of who Israel is bible prophecy is thrown off and unreliable . The Word of God says that The Israelite’s in their disobedience would be scattered to the four corners of the earth and would not be able to prosper I refer you to Joel Chapter 3 and Deuteronomy 28. Yahushua said that Jerusalem would be trodden under foot by the gentiles until the time of the Gentiles are fulfilled. In the book of Luke.

That time is ending and Yisrael and Gentiles alike are finally waking up to who the Tribe of Judah is, they are the Hebrews scattered according to the torah to the four corners of the earth, and was taken by force out of their land in 66 to AD and before that time.


Historically and through The torah. 

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 We are  Hebrew Judean believer’s in Christ.

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We do not discriminate and we are not affiliated with any of the Hebrew Israelite groups. We believe in the virgin birth of Yahushua, and that Yahushua was conceived by the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ko Desh). We do not believe in the blasphemy that the Holy Spirit is female. We believe in the Catching away. We believe in keeping the Sabbath Holy, and that we should observe Yah’s statues, commandments, and laws. Although Christ fulfilled the law we must not throw it out.

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Everyone is welcome to fellowship with us. We know that Yah will welcome in the grafted in Gentiles. Skin color does not matter some lighter skinned people have ancestors who came over as slaves  and not indentured servants, but slaves from the Arab and transatlantic slave trade. Believe it or not they are of the lineage of Judah too.

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