Pastor Darby Teaches Satanic Media

This is a testimony from a powerful Man of God. There is a lot of Spiritual deception. If any one deny Christ They are none of his We must not deny Jesus (Yahushua) He is God who came in the flesh. A lot of people attack this fact but it just is a sign to show you who Antichrist is. There are things in these videos that me and my husband listened to that we did not know take a listen.

We do believe in a rapture, because of I Thessalonians 4: 1 – 18 but Pastor Darby makes a powerful point. This is what we have mentioned before Satan’s tactics Manupulation, Intimidation and once the devil does that to you he will attempt to dominate you, don’t let him plead the blood of Jesus over your families.

(From  The Fig Tree)

a a aaprayer

2 thoughts on “Pastor Darby Teaches Satanic Media

  1. It still bothers me how Satan made racist names for our people and many others. Lake of fire is his permanent home. Burn on the surface of the sun. That’s just my theory on the lake of fire. And hell is the fire center of the earth. So no one can say they weren’t shown.


    • Yep I think hell is the center of the Earth and they say that Cern opened it up. I guess the snake is ready for the lake


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