The Reason I Hate Lies

the truth about lies

The scripture above says it all. Lies have destroyed families and people’s lives even little lies can be dangerous to anyone, this is why I promote the truth so much. The truth is of God, and the foundation is solid. Any foundation based upon lies, is not a solid foundation.

cornerstone of the buiding

The foundation with anything that we have should be Christ, as a foundation. He is the cornerstone that the builders rejected, but yet the truth of this fact is that the cornerstone holds up the whole building. That cornerstone is needed for that building to stand. Christ is truth.

1 a achrist the cornerstone

Lie’s destroy because the foundation is imaginary, an imaginary foundation brings ruin to any life or any group of people. Lie’s damage, kill, and destroy it’s victims and those who promote them.

Imagine the life that you have now, you have people in your life that you trust it could be a brother, sister, husband, wife, Mother or father, but in the midst of that trust of that person. You find out what you believed all the time about them having your back is one big lie, and furthermore they are not even who they said they are to you.

people dont realize

Everything you believed in and the things you were taught turns out to be one big fat Lie, a brainwashed fable.  You could have been taught 2+2 = 5 but you find out it equals four.

false witness

That big fat lie tears apart the foundation that you had built what you believed on because you thought it was the truth.  Most people under these circumstances would lose their minds, without the truth of Christ in their lives and I am sure most people have because their whole lives was one big fabricated lie.

truth forever lies a moment

Many people have been torn apart because of realizing that they were betrayed by the very folks who they believed told them the truth. These things damage without Christ many turn into wanderers and many have fallen away from their faith in God all together because of these things that someone had done to them. God reject lies in all of it’s forms, Fabrication of things is not faith.

faith in christ Jesus children of God

There is a big difference between speaking things into existence, with faith. and outright lies.   Lies never existed and never will exist because the foundation is not based upon truth.

Yet faith is based upon truth the bible tells us we can call those things that be not as though they were, through the truth of God’s word not lies. Lies destroy and kill.

they take the bait

Satan is the father of lies he is a destroyer. There is no substance with him and his kingdom is based upon quick fixes and short term pleasure and illusions.The things he uses are stolen, things that are not his, he cannot create. He lures people with things stolen, that God created, because the earth is the Most High’s and the fullness thereof.

Jesus is the way the truth

Yet Christ came to give life, He is The Father of Truth.  His Kingdom is eternal and everlasting and has no end. The truth nourishes and give life. That is why there is a difference. Lies are based upon hurting others. The truth is based upon helping others.

the truth will

We must all make a conscious decision to abide in the truth and not lies. To abide in lies we self destruct. To abide in truth leads to eternity.

lies destroy

Idolatry is apart of lies, it is a worship of false objects calling them the real thing . It is the worship of things made with hands of wood and stone. God tells everyone to have no God’s before him yet people are stuck in their materialistic world. Materialism is nothing more than glorified idolatry.

idolatry and materialism

Every thing that a person trust more than the Most High is idolatry. The early church did not worship objects and call them God, the pagans did, and the Babylonians did.

bondage of debt

Every day that goes by that this world stands is God’s extended grace and he is giving all a chance to repent. He is calling all of you to come out of mystery Babylon. Idolatry is the main cause of debt, bondage and Idolatry is also a lie.

credit trap

James 5:1 – 3

Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

define neccesity

Having things gives no one peace, all of these things rust and dust take away, All the riches that men trust are illusions, they gather things so that another will enjoy it. These lies pass away like a distant memory. God has already judged lies time is catching up with itself right into eternity and judgment comes.

reality unreality

These TV shows and these movies that everyone are so fond of I hate to say it but it is apart of the deception that satan deceives the world with, as well the as made up things from people’s evil imaginations are all lies too.

When people believe these things they have a heightened sense of reality. leading them in the way of the supernatural lies of the evil one Your computers monitors are guilty of this same sin.

This will lead to the cashless, biometric computer chip society that God does not approve of. The whole world lies in the deception of the evil one this is why the Messiah must come.

3 thoughts on “The Reason I Hate Lies

  1. I know. Satan made lies so crafty,he made them look like the truth. He raises people as children to glorify what’s not of him. The holidays of materialism. Oh well, we are not of the world. It’s crazy big sister.


  2. Yes. I don’t want any materials. People gave me gift but I don’t ask for them. I just want God. Because there’s a difference between joy and happiness. Materials keep you joyful for one moment. Happiness is forever.


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