Bible Feast Days VS Pagan Feast Days (Updated with helpful information on bottom)

silly christian

Satan has stolen a lot of things from feast days and called them holidays or the days of the week. If you are a believer in the Lord you should be aware that there are, Biblical holidays and there are Pagan holidays.


The majority of the Christians today thanks to the Catholic Babylon church have adopted Pagan feast days instead of the real feast days from the bible. this is because in order to bring unity in their religion, they adopted pagan traditions so that pagans could be recruited in their catholic church. In the eyes of God this is wrong .

No way did God intend a believer to serve him with Pagan feast days, this was the same mistake that the Hebrew Israelite nation made and you see where it got them in captivity. To this day, Until God comes and get them out of captivity.

ha something they tried to hide heboos

  If God did not allow his own to celebrate Baal and Pagan feast days, he sure is not going to give the gentiles a free pass  to celebrate Pagan feast days in honor of him , If he did that he would not care if you served Satan. And we know that is not happening. Everything and everyone that worships Satan AKA Lucifer would go to heaven, but that would not be true, God will not accept devil worshippers into heaven  they are going, into the lake of fire.

The question is can you handle the truth ? and do something about it ? Not because I am telling you to but because you love God and you want to worship him in Spirit and in Truth . If the answer is yes then stick around.

must worship in spirit and truth

Some are under the delusion that they can serve God the way they want to serve him and not the way he wants them to serve him, year after year, I know this might sound harsh, and many don’t want to go there, but I have to tell you the truth If i don’t God will hold me accountable for knowing this and not sharing the truth with you.

luke warm Laodicean church

  I have had many Christians ignore me when I warn them about this,  and yes we are under grace saved by faith in Yahushua (Jesus) but it is wrong to serve God and a Pagan deity he will spue you out of his mouth if you do not stop it. Let’s see the holidays that have pagan deities with them.

pagan customs

Now because people would like to still do these things they might call me a legalistic person but remember we are suppose to graduate from being a babe in Christ to a full believer .

We are to get off the milk and not stay years on it and advance to the meat. People make excuses not to advance in the truth and that is why there are so many Laodicean believers.

maturity in christ

Mostly because people have a laid back lukewarm Christianity and church has turned into a social club.people no longer care about the truth that is why so many are falling away from the faith and they wonder why.

Now The First Pagan feast day to kick off the season is

eastar babylon

Many grace the aisles of the church house with their nice new dresses and their baskets filled with those colorful easter eggs and saying they are honoring Yahushua Christ . With their children playing in those glorious easter egg hunts, unknowingly knowing that they are not celebrating Christ at at .

God will not take strange incense and he hate Baal worship especially with the known history of the easter egg fertility rituals of the eggs being dyed by the blood of murdered babies. Yes you heard right murdered babies dedicated to baal . Christians some of you make planned parenthood proud.

mysteery babelons junk

Research This they killed the babies to get their blood ! This is why the bible tells us to study to show thyself approved, Satan has deceived some of you. The easter bunny is more paganism. Many will say well I don’t celebrate it for that I celebrate it for the resurrection of Christ.

But yet many allow kids and people to come into their churches without letting them know the history of that Easter basket and those eggs they are carrying .

sheep off cliff

My advice to you all is to tell your congregations teach them about these things, If they get mad let them we must start letting people know that if they fail to worship God in Spirit and in truth they are going to hell . And if you do not tell them their blood will be upon your hands

renew your mind

Ministers will start answering to God for these things The Holy bible says that his people are perishing because of the lack of knowledge.

bunny false pagan easter

Change Easter to Passover if you must celebrate a holiday, don’t mix Pagan things with your offering to the Lord. I am talking especially to the Hebrew Israelites AKA Black Americans and African Americans . The Most High has told you to be an example to the nations, you are to set the example . He will hold you double accountable.

Hebrew Israelites and those grafted in we can remember how Moses told the children of Israel to put the blood over the doorpost so that the death angel will pass over. This blood represents the blood that Jesus (Yahuah) Shed on the cross of Calvary We are to accept him so that we can be sealed by this blood so that the death angel at the judgment will pass over us so that we will not have eternal death. The blood of Jesus Yahuah , Yahushua is our seal, so that the death angel will pass over us .

Let’s move on to the next Pagan day I will speak on some and refer you to research others the next one is valentines day it had pagan roots here is a link for your research

devil burning hearts

We are to love the Lord our God with all of our heart soul and strength idolatry can come from a lot of these worldly pagan ritualistic days when in fact people are actually worshipping Satan AKA Lucifer, and no know it. we should appreciate and love our neighbors our children and husbands and wives on a daily basis not with some paganistic ritualistic Satan worship day.

sickening for christians

Now this next Pagan feast day, is obvious to most Christians that this is the outright worship of satan. I do not have to elaborate on this day. However I was surprised when I visited a church and they told people to wear costumes and celebrate Halloween with them. I left a bit confused .  The church is praying against witchcraft in them but they are celebrating witch feast days that makes no sense at all .

do not be deceived

Satan has infiltrated some of these so called churches . They have lost all spiritual discernment to celebrate this day and encourage others to do so . I am sorry but you are a fake believer to celebrate this day . You are worshipping Satan. I am going to tell it like it is , STOP DOING THIS!

all scripture

There is no excuse for this. Some are trying to mask this with a harvest festival in which they allow halloween costumes to be worn in church. These demonic spirits I am told are told on this night to go out and possess those who wear these costumes.

chick track halloween

But no You are still celebrating this, Satan goes before God’s throne and laughs at you when you do this and he tells God that you are worshipping him . This is shameful Church it needs to stop.

drunk ho babel

The Worship of the dead and seances and all the stuff that goes along with this is Witchcraft and Satanism . introduced by Lady babel herself , having people pray to dead saints, This is blasphemeous, and it is Satanic and God will hold all shepherds responsible for leading his sheep astray.

The Next holiday need no introduction it is Christmas time and time again I have warned believers about the Pagan origins of this day and they refuse to give it up so I leave it in the hands of God. Christmas is in no way of God . It is the Worship of a pagan deity some of these people know that December 25 is not the birthday of Christ.

But they still insist on celebrating this day anyway and they do not know that they are no worshipping him some do know it and they do it anyway.  Those are the people and the rebels that God is going to judge.

pagan compromise

The Christmas tree is a symbol of the male reproductive organ and the wreath is the symbol of the female reproductive organ . The icicles are a representation of semen . The bulbs you put on your trees are testicles folks ! This is why God called Baal Worship filthy because it is . People do not realize that they are bringing perversion and filth into their homes. Not to mention the false worship of the false Christ

God will seek those who worship him in Spirit and in truth . If one fails to do so they could not possibly be a servant of the Most High. I am asking you in honor of the Most High God to let go of these pagan feast days and replace them with biblical feast days. Please do not follow this world into destruction.

come out of babylon don't share her sins

Turn away from Babylon religion while there is still time Come out of Babylon.  judgment is coming, and when Yahushua (Jesus) Judge you it will be too late. Research these things out for yourself. Replace Christmas with Hanukkah this is a biblical feast day, that is my advice.


If you seek more information on how to transition from Pagan feast days to biblical here is a good book that we recommend.


a a aaprayer

6 thoughts on “Bible Feast Days VS Pagan Feast Days (Updated with helpful information on bottom)

  1. I tried to tell people. I don’t care about Christmas. All I want to do is just buy myself gifts at that time. I don’t associate with it. I don’t hang ornaments or put up trees. You can give me a gift anytime lol. And as for Halloween,it associates with satanism and witchcraft festivities. It promotes demonism. Saying something scary is good is not good. Halloween is a prime example of calling evil good.

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    • Augustine Owot you are right on that people should throw out those feast days that worship demons, and trade them for the ones that promote the worship of the One and only Yah (God) Here O Israel the Lord our God is one he is one Lord and we must understand that we must go through the Lamb of God (Yah) to get to the Father the one who said before Abraham was I AM there is only one blessings to you


  2. This has been very helpful, thank you, the writers reward is truly great. If you’re in Israel, contact me, I need some important information


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