(IMPORTANT TESTIMONY AT BOTTOM UPDATED) Fake Hair A Product By Mystery Babylon To Control You In The Spiritual Realm ( A IMPORTANT WORD FOR BLACK WOMEN)

pagan demon of hair care

(Actual Picture of A Pagan Demon Of Hair Care)

The Spiritual attacks are on, and every thing you post online are being used for you are against you. Spiritual warfare is happening now . God is making the determination who are you going to serve. Are you going to serve the coming Antichrist ? Or will you serve God Almighty ?

choose this day

  You will make the choice. I choose Almighty God, now what I am about to share is about hair care for African Americans , Blacks , AKA Hebrew Israelites, and anyone else it may affect.

It is serving a God of truth or one who love lies. Well wearing your own hair is truth and that fake hair is lies lets explore this subject. The bible says all liars will have their part in the lake of fire . My advice is to let everything be real about you . Now the subject today is hair.

fake hair or real hair

I had a very weird and revealing vision this morning. This is a big warning to women who love to put their hair in these marvelous styles using hair that is not theirs, The things of this nature (fake hair) Is a conductor used by devils to attack those who belong to the Most High, that fake hair is also used to cast spells.

casting spells on hair

So women do not put fake hair in your head for any reason. A lot of times that fake hair is prayed over by folks who do not serve the same God as you do. To my understanding that hair is blessed by demons.  If you don’t believe me look at the video below.

Fake hair can be used like fiber optic wires to keep track of you women who love to put on this fake hair.  A fiber optic wire is the size of a piece of hair.

actual fiber opticfiber optic wire

so you do not know what you are wearing and fake hair can cause baldness a lot of women are depending on these things because they burn their hair out with perms that are not good for your scalp anyway all of the bleach and ammonia on the scalp could be doing more damage by that stuff seeping into the pours of your skull.

God did not mean for anyone to trust these evil things, This is one of the curses as spoken about in Isaiah.

Isaiah 3:17

Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the LORD will discover their secret parts.

(need another translation here is what it says again for those who do not understand)

Isaiah 3:17

New International Version
Therefore the Lord will bring sores on the heads of the women of Zion; the LORD will make their scalps bald.

bad guy

this is how mystery Babylon is using sorceries against most of the women especially the Hebrew Israelite women aka (Black women and African American. or Afro women) You are the daughters of Zion.

bad hair loss

You do not need these things they are doing more damage than good to your hair I challenge you to let your hair breathe for 3 months without perms or fake hair, these things were designed to degrade you and your natural beautiful hair.

If you try 3 months without perms fake hair and wear your hair natural. by cutting out the processed hair it will grow out .If you are under spiritual attack and don’t understand why and you are using  braiding hair or human hair to make your hair look fuller or longer, and you are hating your natural hair you could be under such an attack not to mention the demonic device Cern that is being used.

fake hair assortment

To be honest you do not know who or what they did to that fake stuff before you put it on your head, It could have been some demonic prayers, prayed on that stuff , I am not kidding.

Women, Sisters, Mothers, Cousins, Aunties, Neices, and Daughters, stop putting that fake hair in your head, this stuff was designed to harm you and please stop putting chemicals in your head the devil is trying to kill you. That is what he does best steal, Kill, and Destroy.

A lot of this stuff can cause or has caused cancer and no one is saying a word . Please stop putting things in your Childrens hair that is going to harm them .God did not mean for you to cause damage to the body he entrusted you with on the Spiritual level and the physical level .

This is sin. If you cannot make a choice to stop using this hair after this information, I want you to know it falls under the sin of idolatry, pride and Sorcery.

And if that does not bother you then you made a choice of who you are serving.

(added information for you)


a a aaprayer

4 thoughts on “(IMPORTANT TESTIMONY AT BOTTOM UPDATED) Fake Hair A Product By Mystery Babylon To Control You In The Spiritual Realm ( A IMPORTANT WORD FOR BLACK WOMEN)

  1. My family uses these but I never knew what it could do. So basically they are wearing wires on their heads and the chemicals bold them. Many women in my family like them so much. You probably got nice hair big sister and don’t need anything but I always thought they use weaves because they wish to have the image.


    • my hair is like everyone else’s I discovered this because I had braids on and I started getting attacked . and it was connected to what I had on my head . you can open the door to things by wearing certain things just like bringing unholy things in your home that is against God . We should not bring certain occultic things in our home it opens up doorways to the demons . and so does hair that is prayed over by people who do not serve God except this time it is on the body and you never know if the demon is trying to possess the person . If it is a believer they would get attacked. like I said it is just like bringing a un holy thing in your home.


      • a lot of the women I know still do braids and weaves , and wigs. and people don’t stop to think where all that hair came from and who have been praying over it that is the gross part. Not to mention the perms that kills the cells on the scalp. In those Indian temples where they are praying over the hair they donated to their god Not the Most High God that is the human Remy weave hair and wigs that people are wearing from the beauty supply shops and that is demonic and people don’t know it look at the video above


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