Signs Of One Embracing AntiChrist Religiosity Is Hate For Women (PLUS VIDEO UPDATED)

flow chart of daniel

Genesis 3:15

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

One sure way to expose and Antichrist Spirit is a Hate for women. This was a curse put on Satan and his seed from the very beginning in the garden of Eden. This is an identifier for the Antichrist Spirit believe it or not take a look at what the bible says about the Trait that the Antichrist will have. This is also in reference to Daughters, Sisters, Mothers, and Girls.

verbal abuse hurts too

Daniel 11:37

Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

He will disregard any woman he will not desire them. This is the very trait today that many take up and have and they do not understand that this is a spirit of Antichrist . Some have twisted this next scripture to uphold and justify their hate towards women, because they do not understand the meaning of the scripture. God did not use this scripture to justify abusing women.

anti christ exampleantichrist spirit wolf

Revelation 14:4

These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.

the one hundred and fourty four thousand

This scripture is referring to the sealed 144,000 . This means that they chose not to marry women and were not involved with women especially those who are defiled. These guys are not abusers they are pure first fruits chosen by God. They do not corrupt themselves in this world by abusing women this would defile them.  I hope this help some with the understanding of these scriptures .

let all bitterness be put away from you

Abuse of women and hate of women is Antichrist plain and simple. A woman was created for the glory of Man. She is his crown this is the way God created her not to be abused and defiled, by herself or Men. Just as God created man for his glory. This is the structure that Satan is at war with. Be careful don’t be deceived.

mercy not sacrifice knowledge of God over

Many do not understand the scriptures and they need to sit down and stop teaching them. The Most High does not promote abuse of women.



the jig is up

what must i doa a aaprayer

4 thoughts on “Signs Of One Embracing AntiChrist Religiosity Is Hate For Women (PLUS VIDEO UPDATED)

  1. Thanks Sister. I notice that many used wives be obedient scripture to think it’s okay to hurt women. I’m like it’s not a dictatorship. In Muslim countries so many are beaten up by sharia law. Like I heard of young girls who are not just afraid of adults but their parents too. Parents humiliated them whenever something wrong happens. God protects children and he said its better for them to have a milestone around their necks.

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    • The World is a very sad place now. Vengence Belongs to the Most High He will repay that is for sure. It is sad for people to hate and abuse anyone


      • I know. Nothing ain’t cool. This world has nothing for you and I. So many are focused on careers and evil desires. Its hard for me to get something fun without it being wicked in origin. Anyone who gets physical with a person is personal to me because I suffered physical humiliation from people as a kid and verbal down talking.


      • I know many of us have suffered at one point in our lives from abuse. that is why The Most High will come and correct this for the Hebrews. sad but true


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