Not the End Of Research Of Historical and Biblical Evidence On The Origin Of Afro American (updated)s

. God prompted me through a vision to begin this research, and I have shared it with all who wanted to know the truth, as he carried me through it and now I know the truth. Glory to God I got every single answer that I looked for, and he led me to all the answers, through his Spirit of Truth.1 a Holy Spirit men

The bible says that the Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth, and faithfully he did . What can I say about all of the things I have learned ? I can say that God carried me on this journey for a reason and I believe that he is coming soon, and those who refuse to embrace the truth will be deceived in the coming strong delusion.

from babylon to timbuktu documentation

I believe that many will be led astray through hate if they are not careful . If people research this with the flesh and they are not led by the Spirit, they will end up teaching hate rather than teaching truth.fake prophets

In a vision that Yahushua (Jesus ) had shown me, he revealed to me that the devil will deceive many, and lead them to hell by anger. And this is happening. I have noticed that when some find out the history of their Hebrew heritage, that it goes straight to their head and they become a victim of pride then  they start teaching hate of other races, whom they deem responsible and they are full of argument and debate, God had shown me this would happen before I even knew what the vision meant, All Glory to Him for doing so.

To hate is to fall into the devils trap he feeds off of your hate for others, and don’t think you are going to make heaven doing such things. My bible says those who are full of debate and argument, and hate, will not enter into the Kingdom of heaven. Some are deceived into thinking yelling and cursing people out,with a bible in their hand, on street corners is doing God a service and that is wrong and those doing such things  are wrong.  This is why no one is listening  to this true history of the African American Biblical heritage, this is why they are not taken seriously by no one.God is not into that stuff.woe to those who endorse evil

Galatians 5:19 – 21

Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,christ turns colors according to the world

Time is up and Time now will catch up with itself God will not repent of his Word. Everything will happen as promised I look forward to meeting my Messiah and my King face to face.greece christ on the throne

1 Peter 4:7

But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.



12 thoughts on “Not the End Of Research Of Historical and Biblical Evidence On The Origin Of Afro American (updated)s

  1. Yes yes. The black Israelites better watch their mouths. I seen video of them saying unspeakable things about people of other race. So they think only Israelites inherit the kingdom? Whoaaa I feel bad for them. People of all races and tongue who are Christian inherit the kingdom of God.


    • They need prayer we must pray that God through is Holy Spirit show them the truth and the errors that are being taught , that are turning people away from him . This is a big sin, many little ones are being hurt . Jesus said that if you hurt one of my little ones it is better for a millstone to be bound across your neck and cast into the depths of the sea . We must pray for the Hebrew Israelites and the people getting hurt by them that don’t deserve to be hurt. I believe God has shown these hebrews the truth for a reason that is why they need prayer

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      • They said the children are evil because of their race? Wow cmon man. This is just out of hand.IF they are doing this,I will feel bad for them if the rapture happens and people attack them in the tribulation. Imagine the Christians who preached hate and called people names are in the tribulation. It would be a nightmare. Like the ones they wronged might get revenge. I pray for them 😦


    • Shalom Brethren;
      I must first admit that I am supposed one of the so-called American Negro=Hebrew Israelite myself. Second, I humbly apologize for all the such hatred spewed out from my fellow Hebrew Israelites by the flesh. I still hold to much of my Christian beliefs except the things practiced by many so-called Christians of today. In all honesty; when I first realized and acknowledged about my Hebrew Israelite ancestry/nationality, I did not want to accept that at all because of such high expectations of descending from such a nation. I’m also married to a Gentile and been so many years before I came to this knowledge of my ancestry/nationality. I don’t want my Hebrew Israelite ancestry/nationality hinder my walk in The Most High nor do I want to deny our Lord & Saviour Christ like so so so many of my fellow Hebrew Israelites according to the flesh. I say according to the flesh because many upon many deny Christ as our Lord & Saviour and the gift of The Most High’s free gift of eternal life through His Only Begotten Son Christ. Many Hebrew Israelites will miss the pre-Jacob’s trouble rapture/catching away of the Saints in Christ to experience Jacob’s trouble/hour of trial: 2/3rds will perish and go to the lake of fire. It’s quite ironic that at least 99% of these enlightened Hebrew Israelites will miss the pre-Jacob’s trouble rapture because of their hell-bound denial of Yah’s Son Yahushua Ha Mashiyach and hellbent hatred towards other nationalities and even other Hebrew Israelites not in their camps/cults.


    • Shalom;
      My continuation of my last commentary; I’m gravely disappointed and frustrated about how far too many Hebrew Israelites disregard the New Testament, Paul’s writings/epistles, and our Messiah/mediator/Lord & Savior Yahushua Ha Mashiyach. Yes, scripture foretold of the end-times prophesies regarding the partial blindness of the Hebrew Israelites and how they would be provoked to jealousy over the open invitation to the Gentiles/other nationalities to eternal salvation Yah offers via belief/trust His Son Christ’ good works as the perfect/completed sacrificial lamb on the cross. I’m absolutely appalled/disgusted at all the damnable heresies taught by far too many Hebrew Israelites that I’m feeling more ashamed and despaired of even being of one myself. This Hebrew Israelite ancestry/nationality enlightenment business for far too many of the so-called Negros seems like handing loaded guns to a bunch of unruly clumsy untrained kids. I know, I know; The Most High Yah is in control of all things in spite of such malarkey. Please bear with me of my utter shame and frustration over all the ineptness of my fellow Hebrew Israelite according to the flesh as Apostle Paul referred to. I’m quite sure our great Apostle Paul often found himself quite frustrated and even angry over the many Hebrews in his day/time. Well, please accept my fond apology on behalf of all the malarkey of my fellow Hebrews by the flesh. Thanks in advance and may The Most High continue blessing you in your work. Much love brethren according to the Holy Spirit given by The Most High. Shalom.


      • Shalom;
        Oops, I forgot that I’ve previously responded so forgive me of my redundancies, I did have to offer my great and humble apologies on behalf of the deep seeded hellbent hatred of my fellow Hebrews according to the flesh. Much love and blessings to y’all. Shalom.


      • comment as much as you like Candice these posts are open for correction if needed or conversation on these matters because it helps others to Grow so please comment as much as you want to no offense is ever taken. 🙂


      • Thanks for your comment. I feel the same way you do we are suppose to walk in love Candice and yes don’t give up your trust is Yeshua. There is a lot of confusion among the camps but I think God in his own time will bring them together.


      • Candice it is disturbing that many people are judging others by skin color because Israel will be determined by bloodline there are some Caucasian looking people with Negro blood, It is not on the outward appearance it is blood line I seen one lady who looked Gentile but her haplogroup was a negro Haplogroup (Hebrew Israelite) so skin color does not matter there are some white people whose ancestors have slave lineage on their fathers side who don’t look Negro but by blood they are. So skin color is wrong to go by with people that is just racism when folks are hating others from any race of people it sure is not of God.


  2. Shalom;
    First; I must say that I am so grateful to The Most High Yah for finding this blogsite. I must confess, I am more than likely a Hebrew Israelite according to Deut. 28. To be quite honest, I was angry and insulted of this truth about my lineage because I thought it was a huge blasphemous lie. Further, I would of been fine if those Falasha (Ethiopian) Jews and Saphardic (Arab/Spaniard) Jews were the chosen people of Yah instead. My main reason for my past outrage was because much more would be required of Yah’s chosen people than the other nationalities and I’m married to a Gentile husband. Our children are bi-racial. I also felt that being a Hebrew Israelite would conflict with my true Christian faith in the Church/Grace dispensation and pre-Jacob’s trouble (pre-trib) rapture beliefs. I now accept/embrace my Hebrew Israelite nationality/lineage/heritage. I’ve found myself a bit too prideful about my Hebraic roots but was quickly humbled by Yah’s power. I’ve come to realize that my Hebraic roots does not conflict with any Biblical truth/revelation at all; in fact, it just confirms the Biblical truths/revelations all the more! I must be extremely careful about my knowledge of my Hebraic nationality because once a so-called Negro finds out about that, boy ole boy; many a negro pride sky rockets all the way up into the 3rd Heaven. Well, I damn sure don’t want to be like that and end up in some big trouble down the line. I’m loving and enjoying this blogsite, so keep bringing on the truth. Shalom.

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    • Thanks for sharing as The Lord gives me to give truth it will be told bless you Candice I am so glad you found this blogsite


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