The Deception Of Defeat ( The Word of My testimony cause I am covered in the blood of the Lamb)

God has not given us

The Enemy came in like a flood against me this week, But my faith in the God that saved me from death, hell, and the grave is unmoved. Satan’s tactics is to strike fear in our hearts and in our minds, that are contrary to the Word of God. I even had a vision of where the source of the attacks were coming from, I leave it up to God to judge these people, when folks pray against someone it is witchcraft, and God knows exactly who they are he is looking in their face and taking notes because their payday is near.
accusar of the breh
These attacks have not moved me, overseas I thank the Lord for giving the spiritual warfare discernment of where witchcraft is being practiced.
my faith is biggerha stomp on the devil
These attacks has strengthened my faith in The Living God, It has also caused me to loathe satan more I hate the devil with an undying hate. I hold him fully responsible for any and all the untold tragedies and negative things in my life I know the source of these things and I sure am not foolish enough to blame Almighty God I blame the devil and his fallen angels and workers for all the evil in this world I sure am not ignorant of his tactics and devices.

My testimony is

every word of God is truth

I had a strange vision that I was not sure of if it was from God or not I always tell people to I John 4:1 every vision dream and everything that they receive from themselves or anyone so they will not stumble or fall. Well anyway I have shared part of this vision telling people to avoid hell at all costs, after this vision my wedding rings had disappeared off of my fingers I thought hummmm this is quite strange. I told my husband about it we tore up our house looking for those rings and could not find them. So I said okay this is strange, Then the next vision I had was pure evil, In the vision my husband wore a military uniform saying things to me he never would say in the vision I lashed out at him because of the attack .
Isaiah 59:19
So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.
God is upgod is up to something whooo hooo

I woke up and told him about it we both agreed clearly that this is satanic attack against my marriage and someone has been studing me and it is clearly witchcraft coming from some source that is being used by satan. Keep in mind when you are doing something right for the Lord or God is pleased with you that satan lashes out like the snake he is. I am here to testify as I work on this posting, to give you this testimony I am having problems with the screen because the devils do not want you to know that Jesus has the full victory in my life. I am so glad I serve a living God and no weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against me in judgment is condemned this is my heritage because I am a child of the living God.
God has not given us
God has not given me a Spirit of fear when the enemy comes against you like a flood and he comes against your visions and dreams he will even come against your finances, He will even come against the things that God promised you and he will even lie on God, to you to try and steal the promises that God has laid out for you. He will even imitate to make you think he is God in a dream or vision to make you think that God hates you and have abandoned you, but satan is a lie, God has rejected him and his fallen angels so he wants to make the saints of God feel the same rejection he is getting because of his fall from perfection, even though it is his fault for this sin.
satans follyand the devil
He want to make you fall too.I praise the Lord that My redeemer lives and in the last day he shall stand on the earth. I am unmoved Christ is my solid rock.
on Christi
Saints of God don’t fall for these pack of lies, it is obvious to me in the midst of attacks that the good things Jesus has shared with me and promised me is absoulutely true, And I am looking forward to the rapture and living every bit of the good promises that he has promised me and I am also more convinced than ever before that satan and his agents are some big fat liars, manufactured fear, intimidation, manipulation, won’t dominate me because I am the righteousness of Christ what has happened lets me know I am serving the right God, The one and only God the Living God. These attacks have strengthened my faith in The Almighty Living and Only God. It lets me know too that satan is a defeated foe he hates God and hates man and I do not understand how folks would want to serve him.
God is not the author of
I am so glad that I am on the winning side and I serve a Almighty powerful God who has given me victory in this situation and I must let every one know how wonderful the Lord is no matter what circumstance. Many times the enemy will send out an attack but understand that if this attack is sent out against your life you have to be pleasing to God and satan hates it that is why he is fighting against you so hard so with this testimony I hope it strengthens your walk with Jesus, he said in his word that he will never leave us or forsake us. With all of these things happening we should all know that our redemption is drawing nigh. As far as I can tell the devil even tried to steal my testimony and silence me but never will a rock cry out in my place The Lord God Almighty is worthy of my Praise !!!! No matter What my Love for Jesus is unwavering and untouched I believe all of the promises he made to me and I look forward to meeting him face to face. What a Mighty God we serve.
blessings to all
if the devils mouth is movingstompy stompy stompy

what must i doa a aaprayer

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