Are You Praying Against Someone ?

praying fists

I am not talking about praying against the wiles of the devil, I am talking about praying against a person, for example Praying for a certain failure to take place in a person’s life.

Job, finances, marriage, relationships, their death, A church, a ministry, a minister etc.

by your words you will be justified

If you answered yes to this question, you are committing the sin of witchcraft, and your prayers is not reaching the Almighty, you are talking to demons, and they hear you and may be answering your prayers. The devil can answer prayers too.

evil witch world

  God does not answer curse prayers neither do his Spirit tell anyone to do such a thing to another person. Those who participate in such things are participating with sending prayers to the Prince of the Power of the air. They are using demons like witches do for control, and need to repent to the person whom they have prayed against, and to Almighty God.

mind control spirits

Some are doing this because others whom they feel they cannot control, is not doing what they think they should so gossip takes place and prayers are said against a person that they do not understand. This is witchcraft plain and simple, And they also need to abandon such practices, or be Judged with they hypocrites, and the unsaved. The Lord dropped this in my Spirit today as a warning to whomever is practicing this sort of witchcraft this is a warning.


speak against evil

what must i doa a aaprayer

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