A Recommended Must Read Israel Unveiled

White bibleIsrael unvealed book

Accompanied by the Holy Bible Israel Unveiled This is a five star book….. With much bible prophecy. I highly recommend all who can read to read this very important book and compare it with biblical scriptures.

This book is by a Man named Brant Brown you can find this book on Amazon

Israel Unveiled represents a groundbreaking work of non-fiction, rich with information given in a plain-spoken, matter-of-fact manner that both scholars and beginners can understand and appreciate. The book answers Christians’ deepest thirsts for biblical truth, including the real facts about end times and the true identity of the Israelites, which differs from what many have been led to believe.

What distinguishes Israel Unveiled from other books of this genre is the depth with which it explores and sheds light upon controversial topics that may otherwise be ignored in Christian literature – topics such as the Luciferian ideologies of the elite, ideologies behind certain religious philosophies, as well as the end game they have in mind. But the book takes a big step further, debunking false religious doctrines and exposing pagan elements that have crept into modern Christianity. More than a mere philosophical tome, the book backs up discussion of these topics with hard facts and evidence

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