The Merchandise of Babylon is everywhere look around you


2 Peter 2:3

And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

Babylon’s merchandise is all around and it is making slaves of the masses, I am not kidding, from the internet popups, to advertised television programing, in every aspect of life everywhere these things are used to control what you think and how you think, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Giving a lust for the flesh, lust of the eyes, and making many proud of this life. These are the tools of Babylon to trap you in A never ending cycle,  If a person does not have the gospel as a guideline for their life, they will be influenced by anything.

rat race

These things are idols because they will put that merchandise that Babylon dangles in their face before God, whom they are supposed to serve,but instead they serve their flesh lusting after Babylons merchandise, in turn making Babylon their life resource. They live, move, and breathe, Babylon, instead of God. This harlot dangles her merchandise in front of the eyes of lustful men and women, entrapping them.


On the Spiritual level, the materialism of mystery Babylon has infiltrated every corner of this earth with her merchandise, that men of this world lust and kill themselves working to achieve that merchandise that they are chasing that she is dangling and tempting them with, turning them into slaves of Satan rather than servants of God.She has many under the spell of her soceries, look around you people are lusting things from houses to cars to food etc, You name it Mystery Babylon owns everything to keep the masses enslaved under her. Many think they are getting somewhere but in reality not getting anywhere . They are no better off than where they started.

confusedbabylonian snake

When man or woman have no direction from God’s Word this is what happens to them. Babylon’s merchandise is made to look tempting and good and attractive but once that apple is bitten, that snake coils all around the unsuspecting victim.

rat race still a rat

Entrapping them putting them in a rat race chasing something that Babylon tempted them with. until they see the light of the gospel they will never understand how the merchandise of Babylon has blinded them to the glorious Gospel and light of Jesus Christ.

the fall of babylon

Babylon will fall with her merchandise, materialism is a trap. The earth and all of the works under the sun will one day be gone. Materialistic things only lasts as long as the person lives, then after that they go to someone else, then that person will face judgment. To drink, eat, and live by the principals of Babylon could mean certain damnation. If the victim does not wake up before it is too late. The only way to wake up is to call on Jesus and trust in him. No one can see clearly without the light of the gospel, in order to see through the darkness you need the Light of the world. That light is Jesus he will help you rid yourself out of the merchandise of Babylon in your life.

get out of babylon

what must i doa a aaprayer

3 thoughts on “The Merchandise of Babylon is everywhere look around you

  1. Church was good. It seems more and more are being deceived. Bruce Jenner is a transgender. This is crazy. People like him always say God did this for them. Lies. Christians are becoming public enemy #1. Anyone of us who says anything about sin are a target.


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