Materialism Satan’s Puppet Strings

puppet master

1 John 2:15

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

Prepare for departure church, and do not fall in love with anything in this world. Any materialistic thing that you get attached to in this temporary world can become an idol and lead you away from the Living God. The way the enemy gains control over the minds of the masses is by spoon feeding them the things that they want , (The Lusts Of The Flesh) If you gain anything in this world, by it snares tricks and traps, beware Satan will try to put conditions on these things to ensnare and entrap you. You will find yourself being consumed by these things in order to hold on to them. You can also find yourself drawing away from the living God because of the distraction of these devices set up against you.

each person

It is better not to be controlled by any amount of debt. These are the things that the enemy use to entrap and ensnare you. Seek the Lord’s face and seek to get completely out of debt.  Debts have ripped apart families, The best thing for families to do is to seek to pay off everything, and sale those things that keep them in debt to the system of this world. Let’s face it the time that we live in is an evil time to be self sufficient and put God first before that is the best plan to have and a good way to stay ready for rapture.

enemycome out of babel

Ask for forgiveness of any debts you may have, I know I had to and seek the Lord’s face and find a way to get completely out. It is better not to be indebted to those who seek to destroy your soul, with worry, leading you away from your worship of God . Let’s face it satan in his rebellion seeks to keep you out of the Kingdom of God because he knows he will not be able to get back in . We are not ignorant of his devices, Guard your heart with the Lord.Abandon the desire for the materialistic thing you have and put your desire on the living God , with him you can’t go wrong. That thing that is taking so much of your time seek to abandon it, have no God but the one who gave you life give up all idols. Materialism is taking a lot of people to hell. Surrender to Jesus today .

mercy not sacrifice

what must i doa a aaprayer

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