Black History Pt 2: The True Identity of the West African Slaves PT 2


This is the second instalment on black history to show the true identity of African-Americans and black people from the Caribbean. In the last article, I introduced you to the Slave Coast in West Africa. I also mentioned the name of the inhabitants of the Slave Coast is Êυê, pronounced Erverh.

Now that you know the perimeter of which area in Africa, we are focusing on to show the identity of most black people in the world. The next thing is to tell you the significance of this name Êυê (Erverh).

Named After Ancient people

The Erverh people did not originate from West Africa. They came from the Middle East where they used to be mighty people with a world-renowned name. However, over time and through the ages the people of the world replaced this famous name with something else. This accident in history inadvertently hid the glorious identity…

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