My Take On Black Panther Chadwick Bosemen’s passing listen closely

We do send our condolences to his Wife and family. But this has to be said. Many looked at Chadwick as a King, many worshipped him the ground he walked on and everything, Yet he let people know that this character was not real. I have noticed many cannot separate make believe and reality. Many have put Chadwick in the place of God (hashem) and they should not have, even when he played this character. I understand children need someone to look up to that looks like themselves they need what the world calls role models. but children need to have role model’s that are people who exist like parents , and Everybody’s Role model should be God (Hashem) himself.

Worshiping men is dangerous, let alone the black panther represented a different god and egyptian god called bast . Many have broken the commandments by this worship we are to have no other Gods before the Creator. Many do not understand this spiritual concept . God is a jealous God. He is the one to be worshiped and adored he has the power to give life and take away life. He is the only one who can give Chadwick his life back when the time comes.

I am almost sure he don’t want to be worshiped. neither does he wants idols made out of himself and worshiped by the black community. I am almost sure that he has respect for (God) Hashem and understand that he is the one who can give his life back to him if he so desires. We cannot possibly understand the mind of God (Yah) and why it was Chadwicks time to go, but he is the creator and we must respect everything that happens it is for a reason. but we should not worship man. We must repent and worship God (Yah) Hashem at all times. Only God can resurrect and give life. That should be our hope for Chadwick Boseman and all those we love who we have lost. Most of all we all should keep our focus on God (Yah) Hashem and hope for the coming Messiah, whom the power of resurrection of those who sleep in him will lie in his hands.


Slandering Others is Very Dangerous

life and death in the mouth

What we say about someone can mean life or death for us many do not understand this scripture. We must speak the truth because whatever we say about someone is the judgment that is upon us.  You speak life on someone then life will be given to you . If you speak words of death upon someone then your judgment is death.  

talebearers hurtful

In the word today it baffles the mind at the lies and slander that people speak out of their mouth’s willfully.  They are unaware that what they say about another person or person’s that they are speaking judgment upon themselves.  Machiach is coming to rule with a rod of Iron and there will be no exceptions. He is done with evil and he will exterminate it, he will not be playing around with no one.  He is not going to be playing games with foolish men and he will not negotiate.

more about talebearers

Evil men of this age are not afraid of the things that is coming out of their mouths they must become aware that what they are saying about another person whether it is truth or not that will be the judgment that is poured out upon them and there will be no escape . This is why we must fear the one who is able to put the body and soul in Hell. (sheol) Remember to always choose your words wisely because your words will be your judgment.


Many have blood upon their hands because of careless words. And many have saved lives with their words of life.

big mouth advice

This is how foolish Skin Color Racism Looks

just dumb patrick image

I have never chosen to speak on this but I think now is a good time. It just boggles the mind of how people would judge or think someone is inferior by their skin tone. I mean you have all races of people, it does not matter religion they are just judging one another because they don’t like a certain skin tone.  What is really mind boggling is these particular groups of people really think that Yah (God) Hashem is pleased with them and he condones such behavior. 

race face

I don’t know, I often wonder do people really think that all the people in heaven will look just like them?  If you do you are deceived and you have fallen for deception. I mean do they seriously think they will be able to bring these divisions before the Machiach when he comes? and they really think he is going to agree with them?  The offspring of Esau can be black and he can be white, the Jew can be black or can be white. The tribe of Judah can be black or they can be white. Only Yah (God) knows because he judges from the inside not the outside. Somebody please tell me what color is a spirit, then as soon as you tell me then you can judge the color of Yah (Hasheem) God.  When they are judging people and hating them according to skin color (black, white, or brown people)  the example :One hating the other .

types of angels in

Do they seriously think that they will carry this to heaven? and start more mayhem in heaven? even divisions among the different angels in heaven that look different one from another?  Do they think they are going to tell an angel Yah (God) Hashem love that angel more than you because he got six eyes, and you got two eyes.  O you are bright colored you are better than that purple angel over there?  Or you are hated more cause you got two wings and the other angel over there got eight wings, the one with the most wings are superior.

no such thing as race

Do they honestly think that Hasheem (God) Yah will put up with that foolishness? Think again.  If you hate a man who is in the image of Yah (God) Hasheem like you yourself,  Just who are you serving because you are serving ? because it is not God (Hashem) Yah. Be very afraid  you will be judged for your hate .If you are telling folks to judge and hate folks because of their skin tone, you are under judgment.  You must be able to sympathize with your fellow men or women .if you are not able to what spirit indwells you? What evil you have done will come upon you, and if you are the one that has been victimized, how can you justify it by acting like the one who is tormenting you. It cancels out your argument because it makes you no better than the racist person or persons who is tormenting you.  If you act like your oppressor you become an oppressor. How can God (Yah) Hashem sympathize with a person like that. They judge people who do such deeds and they are just like them. What a deceptive trick the devil is playing on some of you.

judgment is

Yah (Hasheem) God is not playing around with these evil petty things and do not lie on him he is not apart of the slander, hate and evil divisions that is going on.  If one calls themselves a fallen angel, beware get away from them, because that is exactly who you are dealing with they have no fear of Yah (Hashem) they can curse really good with no regard to the Torah (Bible) they are holding that is not his spirit (Ruach).  Flee from these fallen angels Their judgment will be swift they are unredeemable. Judgment is not coming it is here.  Get real races of people  are a deception created to cause divisions many can be of one nation of different skin tones.

redeemed in hebrew

The redeemed have nothing to do with these foolish man caring things. Their thoughts are above this foolishness. Always have been and always will be, this is a wheat and tare separation. Just because someone says they are something, they are nothing because they spoke it and others did not speak it about them, by looking upon them in the  natural, without them saying a word it is not about self elevation. They spoke praise on themselves. unfounded pride is air, it produces nothing and will be nothing.